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"Wings Beyond Mere Albums"

After I saw and heard Mother Sugar tonite I was reminded of what col tom parker said about elvis. He said when he met elvis, he had a million dollars worth of talent ... now he
has the million dollars...

These guys have wings beyond mere albums. i was impressed with their maturity as individuals drugs and as accomplished musicians. They are class act professionals.

'One summer' is soundtrack material for the gwyneth paltrow/hugh grant tragedy, heartbreak, unrequited,love type movies. On the flipside of that are songs like 'Jesus Dont Love You', 'Feel You Burn', 'Holy Dust', 'Hollow Wind' that are also rock and roll radio ready.

Another song, 'Rebels Dont Wear Leather No More' is 6min long and is a retrospective ballad worthy of Springsteen/Dylan or Jerry Jeff walker. In fact i heard a song tonite called 'Bobbie D' that Bob Dylan's son and The Wallflowers would love, but not for the obvious reasons, but because it is up their alley, and also for the obvious reasons. It is a classic.

I stand amazed at the diversity of talent and range of Mother Sugar's music styles. Songwriting is to die for, rhythym and lead are tight as any band in our generation. Percussion nicely brings it all together, distinguishes and segues with catchy backbeats. The 2 guitarists complement one another alternating rhythym and lead roles, yet each has a distinctive sound. The main rhythym guitarist also plays a mean piano! Both
guitarists share harmony vocals and have excellent voices that add depth feeling and meaning to the lead vocal.

The bass player is the lead singer/songwriter, his lyrics mirror life, and his vocal range obviously echoes the band's musical range. You gotta hear him and just when you think Steve Earle, you hear Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello, Paul Rogers (old 70's bad company).

You can draw your own comparisons, but this is not an ordinary band hoping to make it. they are accomplished and polished musicians due for a break and accomplished enough to earn it.

Mother Sugar totally are the real deal. - We invited this American journo to a jam

"Crack Album Review"

The title of the album is Don’t Feed The Lions, but I’m here to tell you that – as in the words of the soulful One Summer – it’s already too late. DFTL (the bashful nickname Mother Sugar use to refer to their latest sublime offering) is audio-evidence that there’s been a lot of red meat on plates during their recent visit to the studio.

Groovy Senorita swings opens the cage with a nod to the Ramones and is swiftly followed by Nancy Sin ‘all dressed up like an evil fucking whore’. From then on it’s full on in your face guitar solos, thunderstorm drum fills and all encompassing lyrics, along with the occasional respite track to allow the listener a well-earned ‘get into your soul space’ breather.

The aforementioned One Summer is more peace and love than the exquisite rage of Feel You Burn, but it still manages to turn up the heat and has been hailed as the perfect soundtrack to a flick-hit unrequited love story.

The sadness of getting near the end of this 11 track treat is only reinforced by the yearning classic Rebels Don’t Wear Leather No More, I can guarantee you’ll be tempted to wave your lighter in the air!

Overall the album lives up to the sweet n bitter reputation of Mother Sugar’s traditionally-rooted sound and their scandalous familiarity with everything amoral. Like I said, don’t bother feeding the lions – just listen to them! - Toby Andrews

"Don't Feed The Lions - Album Review"

The first song Groovy Senorita is on the attack from the start, - a frightening blow, that is so catchy you are hooked - get em interested then tell 'em a story throughout out the CD. Just for the record that guitar playing is very aggressive, it is like watching someone get the first punch in, but does a Tyson, and finishes you off before you have time to account for what is happening.

The guitar continues into the next track, Nancy Sin, love the effects, but the maturity is overwhelming. Nothing on this CD is overplayed, everyone works together, takes the limelight, and then steps back into the team.

It's not long before the album moves nicely into a great blues vibe, close your eyes you see Mick and Keith going for it (skin up baby, we're on the last train home). Lonely Next to You is such an amazing tune.

Time to cry, one of my favourites, (besides Groovy Senorita, which is still scary). The ballad, Rebels Don't Wear Leather No More, ticks all the boxes, and satisfies every need, up when you're happy and down when you're sad - the perfect drug. Get your lighters in the air, how true the lyrics, we are wearing suits - how sad!!

This is quite an incredible journey, Don't Feed The Lions manages to cover every musical genre, it doesn't focus on one style of music and the whole album is so diverse and mature, I can honestly say I love it!!!

I think the key message, besides them all being amazing musicians, is "when you're not moving them in the hips, move them in the heart". Fooking marvellous!!!
- A Exley

"The Real Deal"

Mother Sugar are the real deal exponents of a punk rock/rhythm and blues fusion. Big guitars mix with a Hammond organ to form the core of a band that is relentless in its pursuit of recapturing the excitement of classic rock n roll. On the road and in search of that holy grail since the late 90s, Mother Sugar are busy writing the soundtrack to their very own road trip. On the way they’ve taken on board all the good stuff from the delta blues men to The Clash. A pulsing, dirty, sexy rock n roll band for naughty boys and girls! - Kerrang Magazine

"Let the Healing Begin"

So what is it about Mother Sugar that made me feel like I’d been blessed with their greatness? They just have that something – that Holy Dust. You can taste it and feel it and you can see it on their faces and hear it when they talk. But most of all you hear it when they play their music. Let the healing begin …. - Journal

"A Walk Amongst Stars"

For me, meeting Mother Sugar for the first time was no great shakes. After all, I’d pissed next to Kurt Cobain, shook hands with Bob Dylan and interviewed countless rock n rollers. So hitching up with a bunch of northern blokes who play their music for pure passion didn’t phase me too much. But I came to realise I had truly walked among the stars. - Evening Chronicle

"Where Were You??"

It used to be where were you when England won the World Cup. Then, more tragically, it was where were you when 9/11 happened. Next it’s gonna be where were you when you first saw Mother Sugar live?
I saw them tonight and I won’t forget it! Think how the Stones should’ve sounded in 1977, or how Britrock would’ve sounded had somebody re-invented it in the 90s. No matter, either way, Mother Sugar aren’t gonna go away. They’re in love with rock n roll too much!
- Northern Echo

"WQNR 99.9fm The Rock"

I thought you'd like to see our weekly chart for last week....look who's #1!



Niagoraphobia EP - Devil Behind Your Eyes / On the Mend / Bobby D
Holy Dust EP - Kiss n Tell / Holy Dust / Jesus Don't Love You
Cuckoo Boys - Cuckoo / Gemini / Wild Love
Single - Lonely Next to You


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Mother Sugar are named after an ‘old black mama’ who doled soup to the homeless in New Orleans. One of the band met them on a childhood holiday and she has visited him in his dreams ever since.The band exists to add a soundtrack to the movie of life. The real deal exponents of a punk rock delta blues fusion, carrying on a tradition laid down by the likes of the Clash and the Stones. To see Mother Sugar live is to have your wisdom nurtured, your beliefs questioned - and confirmed, your soul massaged, and your guts ripped out in a brutal but forgiving manner.