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"The Mother Tongue Band"

CD Review: The Mother Tongue Band

by Brady Tighe

The Mother Tongue Band seems to know a thing or two about pounding out roots rock. They also seem to know a thing or two about the other genres they sprinkle into their music. ’60s psych, ’70s dinosaur rock, and every folk rock trick in the playbook make their way into the ten songs on their record. They even toss in a dash of blues now and again.

The part of all this musical spray and pray that’s so impressive is that it works. It doesn’t feel like a band that’s chucking everything against the wall to see what sticks. It sounds like a group that knows what to put where to keep their songs interesting. That is both the record’s high point, and its biggest shortcoming. Sure, it sounds great as it blitzes through every well-worn genre in your vinyl collection, but the band itself seems to lose any kind of identity in the murk of the influences it grabs at. You couldn’t classify them as a single band, because they sound like seven. Four of the members sing, and they all play multiple instruments. It’s such a kaleidoscope of bad-boy blues, pop, roots, and everything in between that everything gets lost. You’ll find yourself wondering how many bands play on this album, when one song sounds like The Black Crowes and the next one sounds like the polar opposite.

Depending on your music taste, this issue holds the thing back from being a great listen all the way through. If you dig blues you’ll dig one part on one song, and dislike or loathe the others.

If you like a little bit of everything though, then chances are you’ll like this record. Also, judging from the live song tucked in as the album closer, they sound like they know what they’re doing on stage.

I’d still say you should pick up this EP. It’s got something for everyone, literally. I’m also anxious to hear what The Mother Tongue Band does with some more direction and a dash of group uniqueness. - The Navigator


The Mother Tongue Band EP



The Mother Tongue Band is what happened when Tristan Armstrong (guitar), Phill Albert (bass), Nathan McKay (keys), and Allan Cameron (drums) got together, after having realized that they should have done this years ago. All of these guys are talented in many ways but here is where their skills in music really shine; these musicians are true performers and jaw dropping ones at that. After seeing them perform, Canadian rock icon Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, Grady) exlaimed, "those guys were badass!" From catchy indie rock gems to southern rock anthems with a heavy dose of jam in the middle, the Mother Tongue band always aim to please, boasting high energy stage shows and fashionable menswear.

They are young, yes, but none of these guys are new to music. Between them, they have played in numerous bands and shared the stage with the likes of Bif Naked, Steve Gadd (Steely Dan), Matt Mays and many more. These guys have recorded on albums for major record label recording artists and been feature performers in everything from jazz big bands to down and dirty hard rocking bar bands. As a result, The Mother Tongue Band's music shows influences from rock to reggae, from country to funk, yet is all packaged in to neatly constructed pop tunes.

When you perform music from the soul, authentic music, it might not make you famous overnight, but your fans will be just as true to you as you are to the music. This is just what The Mother Tongue Band is all about and their legion of fans is solid proof.

Currently, the Mother Tongue Band has an EP available from their web page and from the side of the stage at shows. They are preparing their first LP that will be released in stores and via digital distribution in the coming year.