Mother Vibration

Mother Vibration


With electronically charged trombone melodies, heavy bass sounds, high energy drums and cosmically influenced narration, Mother Vibration is a group that is sure to entertain the inquiring minds and dancing bodies of all those wanting to listen.


Hailing from Allston, MA, Mother Vibration is a group of individuals who met and began playing together while attending the Berklee College of Music.

"I didn't have a specific idea for Mother Vibration when I began to seek out musicians to play with. All I knew was that I wanted to use some electronics with my trombone, and that I wanted to make and write music for a trio with that kind of sound in it," trombonist Scott Flynn responds when asked about the origins of Mother Vibration. After finding some guitar pedals that were to his liking, Scott went to the weekly free-jam that happened at the performance space formerly known as the Zeitgeist Gallery, in Cambridge,MA. That was where Scott first met and played with the aggressive, high-energy drumming of Vermont native, Ethan Snyder.
"I try to play with a degree of energy and looseness that some people can find dis-orienting. The way Scott plays, especially with the effects, works well with what I've been trying to do musically," says Ethan in regards to his musical approach to the group.
The group became complete when the bass playing and free-flow narration of Hawaiian native, Will Lydgate, became part of Mother Vibration's musical arsenal. Will recalls, "The more we would play together, the more I would find myself speaking out loud, be it words, mantras, stories...The music would go strange places, and the addition of words or narration seemed to tie the whole thing together in terms of performance in a live situation."

As they continue to influence and take over the underground music scene in Boston with their unique performance stylings, Mother Vibration is exponentially making people talk, freeing minds, and moving bodies.


Live at 28 Ashford St. (2007)
Live at Nectar's (2007)

Set List

Into the Rabbit hole (5:45)

Some Great Cheese (6:12)

Brain Drain (4:30)

Home is Where the Pajamas Are (5:28)

Duck Duck Luke (4:00)

Practicing Underdog (8:28)

F.U.A. (7:25)

The Lighter Side of the Dread (4:45)

BONK! (3:30)