Austin, Texas, USA

Barbershop harmony dismembered by Messiaen birdsongs! Alternating between the pious discipline and inevitable pagan revelry of the marooned choir in "Lord of the Flies", Moth!Fight! produces a sort of avant-garde children's music. schizophrenically orchestrated prayer in the key of pop.


Moth!Fight! (or Mothfight) is an Austin, Texas-based experimental pop outfit. The group, an always increasing cast of musicians, is directed by Kevin Adickes. Though their sound relies heavily on classic orchestral instrumentation (trumpets, cellos, violins, banjos, barbershop harmony), they also utilize hand-made tape loops, samples, circuit bent toys, and forms of musique concrète.

Kevin Adickes began composing the songs for a then untitled music project while juggling duties as a staff writer for the notably influential music review site, Pitchfork Media, and those of the average high school student. Following graduation he postponed forming a group, opting to join numerous Austin, TX based bands such as the Octopus Project and Single Frame. After receiving a favorable response to performances of his own material, he decided to focus on Mothfight full-time.


Nth Seal

Written By: Kevin Adickes (2007)

A bridal broom for my bolshevist crone .: cost me my heart, my hooves, this song .: To defend our camp from the belvin g-g-g-ghost .: she smuggled in her stomach past the horse apple grove .: bestir my friends by the cardinal birch .: it's bane to trotsky's shade, I'll make a sqauw of her .:


Springtime Haunted House (2007) Catholic Radio Stars Records (3 cd set sheathed in 3 8x11x1.5 pieces of individualized art)

Set List

Generally 45 minutes. Songs segue into one another with incidental segues and modal experiments making the performance truly unique.

King Shivers
Hopscotch (pt. 2)
Murphysboro 1925
Sifting Filmstock from ________
Mothlight (pt. 2)
Nth Seal
Horse Opera
Belvin Hospital