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Paeans to hopscotch, witch-houses in the Springtime, and the Tri-State Tornado of 1925! Alternating between the pious discipline and inevitable pagan revelry of the marooned choir in "Lord of the Flies", Mothfight produces a sort of avant-garde children's music.


The group, a variegated cast of genre-hopping musicians, is directed by Kevin Adickes (former Octopus Project, Single Frame, Pitchfork Media, Dusted Magazine). Though their sound relies heavily on classic orchestral instrumentation (trumpets, cellos, violins, banjos, autoharps), they also utilize hand-made tape loops, samples, circuit bent toys,and home-made instruments.

In their first 6 months as a band, they've mounted a US tour, playing high-profile gigs with Bill Callahan and XbXrX, and have been invited to perform at Mark Mothersbaugh's art opening and Asthmatic Kitty/Unusual Animals' "Houston, My Ears Depend On You" festival.

Set List

The Owl and the Pussycat
Nth Seal
The Horse Opera
Rev. Sharp's Invention
Murphysboro 1925
Sifting Filmstock from ________
The Mothlight Suite
King Shivers
Hopscotch Pt. 2

Set Time: 25-40 minutes