Moth's Tales

Moth's Tales


Moth's Tales pursue a bare and intense style through a post-punk attitude and scents of dreampop. Reminding of bands such as Chameleons, Joy Division and Cure, Moth's Tales are known to create suggestive atmospheres through a three pieces line-up.


A year after joined each other, in 2003 Moth's Tales go straight self-publishing the full-length album 'Decadent Truth', including the medieval ballad 'Sadness'. The release is showcased through a multimedia concert conceived together with the artist Giuseppe Zigaina: a selection of his works is projected during the exhibition.

In 2004 they write ‘Raving Eyes’, a twenty-minute soundtrack for ‘Jo Quiero’, short film about environmental protection.

The second album 'Obstiné' is released in early 2006 . Aired at first on the main local radio stations, it later sees worldwide distribution thanks to three songs being included in the ‘United Forces Of Phoenix’ compilation, together with Fields Of The Nephilim side-projects, supporting them on tour as well.

The third album Unknown Portrait (Nomadism Records) strengthens the band's bare and intense style.

Since the very beginning Moth’s Tales have been attributed great importance to live shows as the most straightforward way of expressing themselves.

"One of the most inspired post-punk acts in terms of aesthetic and artistic pathos" (Rockerilla)

"An enthralling sensitivity, a wiggly romanticism..." (Rumore Magazine)


Catch The Blur

Written By: Michele Rossi

When it's playing time
When it's dreaming time
Time ain't an issue in the heart

Shapes made of shining outlines
Marked through the running waves

Stop my step for a while
Need to go slower to move further
Have to understand what's been behind

If you go
We'll meet in a familiar place


Long Playings:
- Decadenth Truth [2003]
- Obstiné [2006]
- Unknown Portrait [2007]
- Three In Session [2009]

- United Forces Of Phoenix [2006]

Set List

Typical 45' live set list: The Fire, Pulled Up, White Hill, Colour Over Colour, Killing Time, Wrong Name, Still, Icebound, Unknown

Plus other Moth's Tales tunes.

Plus covers by Joy Division, The Cure, et alia.