Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Heading for the furthest reaches of the universe of heavy riffage with members of Vore, Underclaire/The Year of the Tiger and Holy Angell.


Mothwind fluttered quietly into existence in early 2012 as a momentary inspiration of guitarist/singer Mike Mullins.  With his alt-rock act Underclaire on indefinite hiatus and the pop-leaning Year of the Tiger losing momentum, Mullins decided to branch out and do something decidedly heavier. As such, he recruited long-time chum Jeremy Partin (Vore) to hammer out some riffs. The musical direction of this project wasn’t set in stone, but they intended for it to embody weight and intensity—tuned-down and bearing substantial riffs.  


With the permanent addition of Kevin Rains (Holy Angell) on drums, Mothwind became a functional side-project and the songs and direction of the band began to take shape.  Adapting to each other’s inherent playing techniques while experimenting with different amplifier tonalities and vocal approaches, the trio soon drifted into a style that was natural for their collaboration—a blend of metal, rock songwriting, and the occasional flourish of prog sensibilities.


After a two-song demo at The Barn, a highly-positive reception at the 2013 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, and the dissolution of The Year of the Tiger, Mothwind moved steadily from side-project to main-squeeze status for all involved (though Partin still polyamorously exercises full-time duties with NWA juggernauts, Vore).  The band gained momentum with an opening slot on the 2013 Mutants of the Monster festival and provided direct support on A Pale Horse Named Death (ex-Type O Negative) and Airbourne (from Guitar Hero: World Tour fame) gigs in Little Rock, AR.


In September 2013, the band entered Wolfman Studios to begin the tracking for their debut album. The record was going to be a concept album; a science fiction narrative of other worlds and other beings shrouding personal, real-world introspection.  The band enlisted Lance Garvin (Living Sacrifice) for the occasional percussive overdub as well as inviting veteran bluesman Mark Simpson (Tales from the South) to contribute some vocals and a guitar solo to a track he helped write.


The completed tracks were mastered at Poynter Recording by Barry Poynter (Zao, Ho-Hum, The Juliana Theory). The album artwork was provided by Austrian concept artist Shahab Alizadeh. The entire tracking, mixing, mastering, design, and manufacturing process encompassed thirteen months. In October 2014, the band emerged with In the Clutches of the Novae—an explosive 10-track journey into the expanse of space and the microcosm of the mind.