Soulful artist with a pop appeal. Mo'Ti has an edge that can relate to the younger crowd, yet his voice captivates all generations. Enjoying performing live, the sound of each note in every instrument, Mo'Ti is able to captivate the emotion of the music and distribute the feeling in his songs.


Born as Phillip Barnes, in Bellflower, California, Mo’Ti developed his love for music in the church choir. Mo’Ti began singing at the age of four, and his family took interest in pursuing singing as a career. At the age of 11, Mo’Ti father passed away and his mother was left as a single parent raising four children. By observing his mother raise the family, Mo’Ti was inspired accomplishing any obstacles life had inflicted on him, he has been persistent and determine to become successful in his music career. Mo’Ti has performed in many public places from church to the House of Blues. He quotes, “I have always viewed singing music as a method to release my feelings and emotions that aren't so easy to express verbally.” With the privilege of living in many places, Mo’Ti understood the concept of growing up and being responsible. In 2001, Mo’Ti met Steve Russell at an audition and was selected to be lead singer of an upcoming group ‘Nephew.’ Plans fell short and Mo’Ti decided to pursue being a solo artist. Over the years, Mo’Ti has been investing time into his music. Mo’Ti has always been inspired by many musical greats, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Barry Gordy. Such influences with various talents inspired Mo’Ti to become successful and driven in this business of music.


'My Lady' ft. Un-Juss

Set List


Muisc SoulChild-'Teach Me'