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AC/DC didn’t get the cover of Rolling Stone a few months ago. Led Zeppelin was panned by critics for beside the point biases regarding style and performance. The point being that they fuckin’ rock on a primal level Wall Street Journal has a hard time grasping, but anyone who ever saw Bon Scott, Robert Plant or Steven Tyler in concert knows the score. None of these performers nor the band of the moment, MotionPilots, is served best with lengthy prose about progression changes and desire to rebuild the wheel with pro tools tricks and instruments unknown outside the digital world.

In lieu of computer manipulation, MotionPilots opt for chemistry with band mates who groove together. Not quite straight up rock, a dirty lemon juice version, like Zep, The Stones, Black Crowes, Incubus, James Brown… MotionPilots have a sound that translates the blues and soul of caring deeply about the important things on tour… you know, sex, drugs and good ol’ rock n’ roll.

We are a very groove based band. Bass and drums lock up on a funky foundation, layered by a rippin’ lead guitar and vocals with a pop sense always present. The lyrics have meaning -they weren’t written just to fill space- they are a lot of times true stories from our life, pulled from many different styles including, Rock, Blues, Funk, Pop, and mid 90s Alternative.

MotionPilots make fans, which is why South By South West is on the roster for March 20, 2009. SXSW in Austin, Texas marks the kick off point for a Summer of trailblazing, adding to the killer year 08 was: releasing their debut CD, which got air play on over 150 college stations; securing college booking representation from DreamScapers out of Nashville TN; and licensing music to MTV, E!, and Lifetime for reality TV shows.

When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The sound of MotionPilots gets the job done. On a triple bill where the second band was who the room full of bikers came to see, MotionPilots took the stage to pool playing, beer drinking, an empty dance floor and a few curious stares. Two songs in, the dance floor was packed, pool cues lay dormant and MotionPilots planted their flag. Pilot Eric Warner remembers the night, “We did two encores that night in front of a crowd that we had never played for. The next time we played there it was at capacity. We strive for this affect on people at every show by showing them something they don’t see that often. We’re all about moments.”

Songs on the album and performed on tour include “Beth” sentiments with “Way Too Long” – a story about being away from a significant other because you’re preoccupied with music or work. The fourth wall is breached with what was once insider information, but now an interesting look at the industry for today’s savvy music audience (with a little extra irony for the press and promoters) who listen to “Lifestyle”.

This album was really inspired by sex, drugs, and rockin roll. Up until we completed the record I don’t think anyone in the band really had a grasp on what that cliché phrase really means. Looking back on it though those were the key ingredients. We went into this trying to write the greatest rockin roll album to come out of Minneapolis. Weather we did that or not, it says... Hey! The Midwest is still alive and kickin!
- Fly On The Wall


"MotionPilots" Self Titled, 2008
Currently being played on over 200 radio stations nationwide.
Mulitple Sync Licenses including. MTV's Real World, Road Rules, Super Sweet 16, Human Giant. E!s Keeping up with the Kardashians, Living Lohan. Lifetime Networks Psychic Challange.

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Like tiny stalagmites and stalactites, the MotionPilots have been growing in the caves of the music scene since 2005. Formed in a dirty basement in Minneapolis MotionPilots spent the first few years gigging rigorously while developing a powerful live sound and stage show. By the time DJ Rickerd joined the band on drums in early 2007 Matt Reilly along with Eric Warner, and Dash Leander, were a rock force that needed to be heard. With an ever growing audience and a energetic stage presence MotionPilots caught the eye of producer extraordinaire Chris W Langer. Langer, who is best known for his work with Soul Asylum and Wide Spread Panic quickly and easily persuaded the band to cut their first full length record. "It is the most raw, heart felt rock/groove album I have done in a long time” says Langer. In March of 2008, the MotionPilots released their debut album and sold through the first pressing within a couple of months. Along the same time Tinder Box introduced the band to the radio and MotionPilots charted nationally on upwards of 150 stations. The successful radio campaign brought on Reality TV licenses for Real World, Road Rules, Human Giant, Sweet 16, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Living Lohen, and Psychic Detective. On a trip down to Nashville MotionPilots were introduced to DreamScapers who now handles all of the national college bookings for the band. At the same time they got hooked up with their own publishing companies and are now proud members of SESAC. The "guntar" logo was made into a T-Shirt and provided by a small endorsement by Miller beer. The logo has become a staple of the PromotionPilots (MotionPilots fan club) MotionPilots DIY mentality and willingness to sample different aspects of the music business has put them in a very good position in this ever changing industry. Check out their debut album on sale now! If you get the chance to see them live it is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget!