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The best kept secret in music


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*best of the submissions vol 2 (beatmart records/emi) 2005
*scribbling idiots-idiomatic mixtape (indi) 2006
* MotionPlus- fun with motion mixtape (syntax records) 2006
*JustMe-one mans trash (Illect Recordings) 2006
* nightowls 3 (syntax records/koch) 2007
* Change- a penny for your thoughts ep (indi) 2007
*sev static and dust-back to dust (rawkus 50) 2007
* scribbling idiots-the have nots ( MotionPlus is a group member) (illect recordings) 2007
* nightowls 4 (syntax records/koch) 2008
* MotionPlus-the sound protest (end of earth/syntax dist.) 2008
*cas metah-providence road (end of earth) 2008
*MotionPlus-the redemption of... (middle ground music) 2008 (free digital ep.)


Feeling a bit camera shy


MotionPlus Bio: William "Motion+" Sterns, was born in Quincy , IL. He was raised by his grandmother. Without a father figure in his life, MotionPlus lived on the poverty level with limited guidance, which resulted in behavioral problems and being a terrible student in school. At the age of 15 his Grandmother died of cancer. The little stability he had was gone and his life felt empty. William was introduced to Hip Hop in 1981, by a cousin who worked at a local college radio station. The record William heard was Planet Rock. The rhythm stirred something within him and a B-Boy was born. This musical art-form gave him a way to release some of the pain over his Grandmother's death. He wrote his first song in honor of the woman who was the only constant in his life. Since that first song, he continued to write in response to the things he was going through. In his late teens William began to move around a lot. He lived in several cities and traveled through many others. St. Louis, Kansas City, San Diego, Tulsa, and NYC name just a few of the places he lived and visited. This traveling experience introduced him to a variety of styles in the music he loved, and expanded his creativity in the songs he wrote. Hip Hop has a reputation for glorifying the darker side of life, and like so many other kids he played into that scene for quite some time. He was in and out of gangs, running with dealers, and saw many friends go to jail or die. When William was arrested for a gun charge in 1995, he realized he needed to turn his life around or he wasn't going to survive. When he was at his lowest, facing three years in jail, he met a local pastor who taught him that there was a better way to manage his life. He realized that focusing on the good he could do was a better way to live. Now dedicated to making positive music, William as "Motion Plus" hopes to influence his listeners and the communities they represent by performing music with lyrics that will bring forth the good in people rather than glorifying the negative.

*artist notes*
MotionPlus was signed to Syntax Records/ Koch from 2005-2007 and only released a mixtape, but was featured on 2 nightowls comp. He is also a member of the high respected underground crew: Scribbling Idiots. MotionPlus left syntax in 2007 to focus on forming his own label. (Middle Ground Music)