Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor


All original rock that is soulful, funky, seductive, and sometimes dark. We feel our music is a reflection of ourselves.


Motion Sensor was created in 2006 by four friends. Despite one lineup change in 2008 with the departure of former drummer Damon Embrey and the May 10th tornado that destroyed the bands practice space and all equipment, the band remained. Embrey was replaced by current drummer Clay Pannell in April 09. We are four friends that share the same passion for writing and performing music. We each have different creative personalities and influences. We work to find the middle ground, being true to the song, and all four members personalities can be heard in our music. We write all of our own songs and refuse to be just another cover song band like so many others. All four members have musical backgrounds and educations. Vocalist Tyler Burkhart won state records during High school with his singing. Phil, Dakota, and Clay have also played and performed since a young age in school bands and other hobby bands. We have shared the stage with bigger acts such as Stars Go Dim and we love to travel and play new areas. Motion Sensor: A natural measured response to a stimulus, such as heat, light, or pressure that involves a change in position or location of something.


Demo. The track "What It Is" has received radio airplay by several South West Missouri radio stations and internet radio.