Motion Soundtrack

Motion Soundtrack


Driving guitars, soaring melodies, hypnotic bass and drums - Brit Pop straight out of British Columbia.


Motion Soundtrack was formed in early 2000 as an outlet for four like-minded musicians, and has since evolved into one of Canada's finest Alternative Pop groups. Often described as atmospheric with driving energy and catchy melodies, Motion Soundtrack has garnered much success and attention from the music industry and music lovers alike.

Motion Soundtrack's 2004 Cazart!/Universal release, "The Bridge", has received much critical acclaim. The group's infectious tunes and dynamic musicianship have been compared to bands such as Travis, Radiohead, Oasis, and The Stereophonics, but Motion Soundtrack has a sound all its own. From beautiful love songs, like 'I Get Lost' (the video is to be released in mid-March), to driving anthems like 'Knockin' (MuchMusic and MTV Canada gave the video strong airplay and the song was featured in an episode of Everwood), "The Bridge" has truly been a key phase in this bands journey.

Motion Soundtrack is still moving fast. Their live sound has been described by fans and industry as one of the best in Canada. The band is currently composing a new record that they will begin recording in the fall of 2005, after summer touring. Motion Soundtrack is positioning themselves as one of the best acts to keep your eye on.


"The Bridge" - 2004 (Cazart! Records, MapleNationwide)
"Nine Days' Wonder" - 2002 (RaceCar Records)
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Set List

45 minute "power set" is the most common.

01) Refuse To Beg
02) Knockin' (First Video/Radio Single, "The Bridge")
03) Runaway
04) I Get Lost (Second Video/Radio Single, "The Bridge")
05) What Have You Done?
06) Self-Made
07) In The News
08) Say
09) Everything Must Change
10) Tomorrow Never Knows