Motion Turns It On

Motion Turns It On


Progressive post-rock math-rocking psychadelic indie-jazz // spacey krak-rock


Behind every great band lies a story waiting to be told.
Some of those stories are layered with clever anecdotes and inside jokes, while others illustrate the oscillating journey of musicians finding their way to one another in the hopes of making music that sounds good.

For Houston-based Motion Turns It On, that rollercoaster ride began, as stories of this nature often do, as guided youth living in the suburbs. Manufactured living leads young ones to the kind of restlessness that occasionally sparks dormant creativity. Lucky for us � the ever endearing members of Motion Turns It On had their creative bug turned up full blast.

MTIO got their start in the summer of 2004 and though the band�s configuration has changed over the years, most of its original members have stuck around to help transform their vision into something truly cutting edge.

With a solid lineup in place, the members of MTIO embarked on a new journey in their musical relationship - producing a stunning freshman E.P. release titled Rima. That one little 5-track gem garnered rave reviews from all over the country and their live gigs did the songs much justice. Each song meandered with great passion and intensity. Rima proved to be a thoughtful representation of the band�s ever-expanding range. It was quiet where it needed to be and raging with power and volume in the spaces quiet couldn�t fill.

Fast forward to 2009 and you�ll find Motion Turns It On is a bassist-free trio with two albums and two extensive tours behind them. Their sound is expanding in unforeseen ways, but having the ability to communicate with one another on multiple levels makes the new direction work seamlessly. Drummer Steve Smith reflects on how the band has progressed since their first E.P. release. It speaks to their commitment and drive to constantly push the proverbial bar � they are the music they create. �The sound we're going for now is less parts mashed up in a song and more development of a certain idea to build a cohesive song. In the beginning we were all just flexing our music muscles trying to grow collectively as a unit, not knowing what our sound was. These years later we are more confident and able to steer each other in a given direction with less ego bruising.�

A significant reduction in bruised egos lends itself to all sorts of experimental endeavors � musically that is. The years of wandering have long since passed and what replaces the serration is clean lines and focused imagination.

These days, the last thing you will ever see Motion Turns It On do is stand still.


Kaleidoscopic Equinox - 2010

The Silent Ballet Volume X-2009

Live@The Southpaw-EP- 2008

Music from Rima was used for the independent film "Discretion" which screened at the Austin Film Festival that same year.

Set List

The set is usually 35-45 minutes and consists of 5-6 songs. Songs are no less than 5 and no more than 8 minutes.