Moto Boy

Moto Boy

 Malmö, Skåne, SWE


Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo, born august 2nd 1980 in mid-east swedish village Färila. At the age of eight he experienced a boys choir rehearsal in a London cathedral and was forever turned on to music. At arrival back in sweden he signed up to a swedish boysquire in wich he sang for a couple of years until the discovery of the guitar. At the age of 16 he left home to study music in a neighboring city, and the years of late teenage was spent at jazz and experimental music.

Over the years leading up to the emergence of Moto Boy in 2006, a pattern of seeking through various forms of music and living can be seen, including truck driving, photo modeling, royal friends, music for modern dance, Pikko, law-studies, and always with a longing for pure romance.

In late 2006, one final concert was to take place before quitting artistry, and there in the audience was Martin of Songs I Wish I Had Written. The concert became instead of the last one, the first one, followed by a year of appearances cementing a new form of artist, and a new sort of audience, both humble and glamourous.

In January 2008 the Moto Boy debut album was released in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Moto Boy has been described as a one mans choir with a magnificent operaesque voice accompanied by high lonely tones on a hard rock guitar with the distortion pedal well hidden in the basement. A young beautiful man with rough jacket where fragile is confronted by hard and brutal. Nothing is as expected. Everything collide. The result is the same kind of hair-raising feelings that a Jeff Buckley song or a movie by David Lynch is able to produce.


Lost In The Call (album released 2010)
Moto Boy (album released in 2008)
For Martha (EP released in 2008)