Seattle, Washington, USA

With elements both organic and mechanic - Motopony’s music flows effortlessly between the genres of soul, funk, rock, and folk.


On June 30th 2007, Daniel Blue found himself alone in an empty loft/warehouse situation. All tore up about the harsh reality of the isolation of the modern man, he picked up a used guitar and "just made it happen, I needed a way to connect to the outside world." This is odd, because this particular warehouse was often the hub of the vibrant, if not struggling young Tacoma arts scene.

He sings to the walls, a crisis building in him…these nights alone swirl around him and he unloads his unusual lungs at the ghosts in his heart, at the demons he feels “I am a madman”, he confesses to the spirits of the air…in agreement or perhaps an acceptance as rebellion. “If i have to be mad to free myself from your grasp, then I am a madman.” Its the job of the song to tell the truth, as simply and beautifully as possible.

“Madman is the hardest song I have ever heard.” - Mike Smithy (music/fashion photographer)

The ease of his broken guitar and gaped strings demanded obsessive attention, and more songs came, some flowing out in one piece as if waiting in the wings for the droning e’s and d’s to draw them from their long incubation. Daniel began to appear in between acts that graced the stage he had set up in his "big space" a scenester hand-me-down 400 person capasity underground venue/loft in the heart of Downtown Tacoma.

“…that guitar isn’t even in tune!” - Joshua Vega (guitarist/vocals, Paris Spleen)

Local philanthropic musicians pulled Blue into the studio and crash coursed him through microphone etiquette and song structure.

“He writes perfect pop gems, disguised as abstract art pieces.” - Joshua Cain (singer/songwriter, Joshua Cain Band)

Armed with a slightly over-produced demo and a newly rehabilitated guitarist, Blue began calling his project Motopony, after his primary mode of transportation, a 1984 Honda trail 110, and appearing on stages all over Tacoma and Seattle conjuring his Cherokee and Druid ancestors into what journalists called:

“The love child of Joplin and Cohen” (Paul Schrag), and “…Oppressive, and Impressive as hell.” - (Mark Thomas Deming)

50 some odd shows and minus one guitarist later, Blue once again hoisted his newly rigged three string guitar and began to “…get serious about an album here.” In April 2009, a swirl of songs descended on Blue, forcing him to write five in nearly one week. Among these were “June”, “27” and “Wake Up”, all seeming like potent messages to himself about what he saw occurring in his life. Warnings, prophecies and hopes rolling off of stark intuition. At the same time Blue was re-introduced to Buddy Ross at a songwriters dinner hosted by a mutual friend in Tacoma. “I had to have Ross’ beats under my songs…I bugged him with emails until he would give me a listen.” Ross found potent lyrics and melodies over a skeletal chord structure, built in hooks and the thing he had been looking for: room to compose.

The duo quickly joined by some high school friends after a string of failed add attempts in the local alternative newsweekly. Thomas Williams click kicking on a 76 visqueen vintage drum kit and Brantley Cady ripping through electric blues scales as if possessed by some ancestral R&B demon.


King of Diamonds

Written By: Daniel Blue, Josiah Sherman

I've been looking for the king of diamonds
But I guess the queen will do
I've been looking for the king of diamonds
Till the dealer gave me you

You've got everything together
You've got everything I want
You've got sharp & sparkling pleasure
Even from the middle of your card

I've been looking for the king of diamonds
You know I've got the other three
Spades and clubs they just ain't shining
And my heart knows nothing's free

You've got everything I needed
That's why I'm loving you so much
I damn near just up and cheated
Till I felt your woman's touch

I've been looking for the king of diamonds
But the queen will work just fine
I've been looking for the king of diamonds
Till the dealer made you mine


Motopony - "Self-titled" LP - Independent - November 21, 2009
Motopony - "Wait For Me" Single - Independent - April 21, 2010