Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Max Justus is an exciting young artist that has already been going at it for a few years. In 2010 he has successfully transitioned from remixes and instrumental electronic music to writing all around vocal songs. The songs find themselves taking Max to all new levels.


Motorboater is Dan Eaton of Kansas City Missouri, at first glance it is bedroom/laptop pop, but with just a little bit of listening it is obvious that Motorboater takes a much warmer and dreamier side to digital pop. Motorboater combines elements of dance in a way that makes it feel like this is the type of music you would want at your make-out party, and then you would want to hear it again in a completely sophisticated documentary about teenage make-out parties. . Motorboater brings a kiinetic energy that makes you not be able to sit or stand still and when you hear it you loose yourself to Motorboaters modern elctro space jams.


P/U Yr Heart EP(2010)
Sport EP(2011)