Solid deliberate rock with pop sensibility. Lyrically soulful without tring to change the world. Dynamic and instrumentally versitile. Experienced. All original and groove oriented. Very much a live act.


Motorflower began in Boise,Idaho - 1997. Stephen Hall and Steven Fulton go way back playing the club scene in their late teens. In 1989, they formed the all original band House of Hoi Polloi in San Diego California. Throughout the 90's the band released 4 full-length discs and an EP. They also opened for bands such as The Smithereens, Los Lobos, The Neville Brothers, The Beat Farmers, Jimmy Cliff, Widespread Panic, The Samples, and actually shared the stage with actor Bruce Willis for a set. House of Hoi Polloi was even mentioned in The Rolling Stone as one of the Northwest region's bands to watch. Steven Fulton made it to the national talent show "Star Search" playing one of House of Hoi Polloi's songs as a solo act (He made it to the second round - Laughs!) After Stephen Hall left the house in late 96' (A very friendly departure), he went to college, joined a band that happened to open for Modest Mouse, wrote a bucketload of rock songs and eventually started Motorflower. As for the Hoi Guys, they continued for several more years playing SXSW, opening for Big Head Todd, Fishbone and some others. After too long Steven Fulton started some solo stuff and ended up opening for Tori Amos, The Wallflowers, and John Hiatt by himself with just he and his acoustic. Motorflower played several gigs, once opening for The Fixx, but kept with the all - important writing before they were going to go great gun's a blarin'. Stephen Hall eventually moved out east where there were more opportunities. After wives, kids, and school tempered off, Motorflower comes out with a 5 song EP inspired with a pocket of influences from Led Zeppelin, The Cult, Foo Fighters, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Several songs even have an occasional country twang. The band itself has years of experience. Experience in live performance, songwrting, and also being humble and modest about themselves and their history, makes them rather unique in today's music scene. Cutting edge? No. Motorflower is a driving rock-n-roll band just telling it the way they've seen it.


Pray For Zero

Written By: Stephen Hall

A lifetime taken on the chin,
It's my world no one elses
Stay awake, and stay between the lines; night after night, day after day.
This Motor, she's my only friend
I'm never alone and I try to make amends.
These miles continue their assault,
without cause or warning.

Memories I can't find, stuck behind this wheel
If I find some time, I'll pray for zero.

My picture is to large for it's frame.
A good idea has turned into blame.
This life of mine, produced too many
I'm just one of all god's creatures

Memories I can't find, stuck behind this wheel
If I find some time, I'll pray for zero.


3 song EP as a pre-release to "Under The Daisy" (June 2007) Full-length CD "Under The Daisy" (April 2008)
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Set List

Motorflower can play an hour of their own material. The set list will change from time to time because of constant new ideas. Also, there is the chance of an obscure cover added to the set if the band is feeling it and if time permits.