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Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF

Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"University Pulse Review"

With the Motorflower 5-song EP, the trascendental theme of classic rock formula has been utilized to create a new-age, alternative vibe. The instrumentation follows an emotional trail between progressions, the lyrics solidifying what could be considered a complete package. Yet all the tracks bring an anthem underground, a sense of "this could be the last song I get to play". We see the entirety of the groups ability, evidenced through music, a recognizing of the broken heart, an acceptance of surroundings, and an ability to be in the moment. This is made clear in ""six40three", arguably the best song on the EP, which opens with an instantaneously memorable melody and drum beat. The guitar work throughout is engaging, while the song itself takes you through crescendos you can't help but feel. The emotion and movement of the song is brilliantly chorused, while the progressions carry you into a dreamy, mystical instrumentation, the guitar yearning for you to hear each note. These feelings carry into the next two tracks, "How It Goes" and "Deep Sleep", which both carry a boundless portrayal of a specific moment of human interaction, the understanding of building connections with other people, and the battle those connections endure for the sake of completion. Classic rock influence is prevelant with engaging solo work and Motorflower's own quota of followable chords and skeleton lyrics that hold more of a concept than a punch, something to think about rather than act out. "Ruin with a View" continues the moment by moment musical discovery, claiming "It's my Saturday, It's my Sunday too...every holiday, in this ruin with a view", a feeling all too common, and yet real, in the daily routine life of cities, scapes, and suburbs. The EP ends on a high note with the whimsical and experimental "Buzz", a hard rock pulse fused with feedback and an almost crazy sense of place, with lyrics such as "The sky is blue, my hair is orange". The lyrics and chords combine to give you the exact feeling they portray in the song itself, which utilizes a vocal harmony in the chorus to make it more than just one man's thought. It becomes a people's voice. Who needs a buzz when you can justlisten to one?
All in all, Motorflower has found a niche of the music industry, a hybrid cataclysm of rock, alternative, and classicism. Evidenced by a diversity of musical ability, the 5-song EP portrays 5 different feelings in five different ways, a sturdy display of prowess and musical fulfillment. An album release by Motorflower would be no shortcoming if they continue to produce an anthem sound with rock vibration.
-Sam Hall - University Pulse Radio


"Under the Daisy" released 2006 (13 songs)
"Motorflower" released 2009 (5 song EP)



Motorflower was formed in Boise, Idaho in 2000. Motorflower is a rock band. Although simple, this basic description is apt. Fusing a variety of styles and influences such as Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, and The Cult into a unique yet recognizable sound. The Band consists of Thom Keithly (lead vox, guitars), Adam Schroeder (guitars), John "Johnny5" Warfel (bass) and Jefferson Grandbanks (drums, vox). All members became friends during the late 80's while playing in opposite bands which opened for such acts as Nirvana, The Flaming Lips, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Def Tones, Widespread Panic, The Smithereens, Modest Mouse, The Toadies and Sugar Ray. After several of the guys got off the road in the the late 90's, all four came together to form their own project; Motorflower.
The following decade would include a featured track at the Cannes Music Festival in Cannes of France, shows at The Wiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, and The Knitting Factory Mainstage in Both Hollywood and Boise. But shows were sporadic in the mid 2000's due to primarily family commitments. Drummer Jefferson Grandbanks' son was diagnosed with autism and the band was on hiatus for several years. But because of their friendship, the band would continue to write, record, and eventually play live again.
Friends for several decades and inspiration through experience of life on and off the road makes Motorflower a rather unique group of guys rather than a revolving door of player's who "fit the mold" of a given pre-conceived idea.