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"The driving bassline that kicks off "Or So I Thought," the first track on the debut CD from this Seattle three-piece, is keenly reminiscent of a NW rock sound that many undedicated fans have sadly thrown to the wayside. When the rhythmically wrenching guitar barrels in, mirroring the steady beat of the drums, it becomes crystal clear that this is neither an homage to fond memories or an attempt to drum up some retro appeal. While you can certainly detect the influence of past bands these folks may have a bit in common with (The Gits and 7 Year Bitch come to mind), this is a movement with little to no interest in retreading ground that's already been amply covered. Instead, they've locked in on a sound that's distinct: a collision of three instruments and a vocalist who has a knack for making you the best kind of nervous and uneasy. While she hammers the bass and accentuates some of the semi-abstract rhythms with her words, you might be too enamored to focus on the guitar work, but you'd be wise to take note. Equally adept at powering it out ("Patent Kiss") or getting a bit more groove-specific ("Robert Palmer"), the playing provides a solid complement to the intensity emanating from the other members. There's a raw and inimitable energy that good three-piece rock bands can exude if the members connect on the right level. These three connect."
- Brad

"It seems that certain British sound of new wave is appearing in the nooks and crannies of the local scene. One such nook contains Motorik a brilliant example of neo-new wave. Pun intended. The singer sounds very much like Robert Smith of The Cure and the music is reminiscent of Gang of Four and Echo and the Bunnymen. There is even a Devo like bass riff on the last song on the player on their profile, Six Filters. It's prominent at first then the drumming takes it down a darker path. But, the standout is "Box of Knives". If there was ever a Bauhaus influence on a song, this must be it. New wave rising, folks." -

"This 9 song CD (recorded by Jack Endino at SoundHouse and Gary Mula at Calleye) is all heart and no nonsense. They have the sound of a garage rock band with punk influences. Three tracks to pay attention to are 2> box of knives, 4> it’s just sugar and 5> utopia parkway.

Box of knives is the sound of a San Francisco smoke filled punk club in the late 80’s. Towards the end of the track, guitarist Adrian Garver (D.C. Beggars) plays a high pitched siren like riff that defines the entire CD. My favorite is a track called it’s just sugar. Sio’s (Andover 7, Nod and Smile) intense vocals offer no amnesty for the casual listener. She’s not trying to make friends, she’s belting out painful memories (or so it seems by this listener). Finally, utopia parkway is what you get when your drummer isn’t going to take no for an answer. In fact, drummer Hoagie Gero (D.C. Beggars) is tight, loud and extremely creative throughout this CD. I mean, who is this guy anyway?

Klang! is an ambitious garage rock CD that could have easily fell short of it’s destination. A lesser band would have turned around and gone home. Instead, the combination of these three artists manage to demonstrate what good instincts and a healthy disregard for “SOS” can do. I loved it!"

- Cedric Ross


motorik EP 2007
KLANG! LP 2008 recorded @ Calleye Studios with Gary Mula and Soundhouse with Jack Endino



Motorik balances catchy hooks with driving dissonance and employs angular rhythms from all instruments. Fans have described Motorik as sounding like Killing Joke, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Minutemen, Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen, yet still coming through with our own unique sound.

A little background about the band...Adrian and Hoagie have been playing in bands together since 1990. First in the punk band D.C. Beggars who often shared a stage with Seattle band The Gits as well as touring acts including Poison Idea, 7 Year Bitch, The Dickies, 7 Seconds and NOFX. They were also the backbone of Frail whose guitar player John Randolph is a core member of Seattle band The Cops. Some of Sio’s earlier bands were the eclectic noise band Andover 7 and Nod and Smile, a pop quartet with swoony layers, where Sio first began to experiment with catchy melodies on bass. Adrian and Sio were both members of Rank Strand where Adrian switched to guitar after many years of playing bass and Sio developed the distinctive vocal style that has become part of Motorik's trademark. When Rank Strand disintegrated the two formed Motorik to work out the potential of these new instruments, then a year or so later, searching for a powerful and unique drummer, recruited Hoagie to join them. We have continued to add new elements to the sound. Most recently by adding electronic drums and analog synths to the mix.

In the past year Motorik has been writing songs, playing shows around Seattle and recording our debut full length, Klang! to be released in summer 2008. Klang! was recorded with Jack Endino at SoundHouse and with Gary Mula at Calleye.

Some recent shows of note: The Comet Valentine's Day Bash; The Cops Rock-n-Roll Holiday Circus @ the Sunset Tavern; Guilty Pleasures benefit for Erik Howk from the Lashes (medical billz); Rock for Real Change benefit for the homeless; Danielli's CD release party @ Skylark. More to come!