Sexy, cool, and unpredictable, yet never overdoing it with too much artfulness. Moto:Rosa reminds me of the best of modern UK rock with a bit of NY grit thrown in to keep the music from erring on the side of foppish glam.


A catchy, dark four-piece based in Brooklyn, Moto:Rosa's moody guitar textures, Britpop leanings and literary mindset have earned them comparisons with The Eels, Postal Service, The Cure and Pulp on blogs and in the national press.

Chris David, Nick Ferrante, Scott Irvine and Lynnae Savage, collectively Moto:Rosa, have been a band for a year, playing music without need for irony or pretense. Having released a 4-song limited edition EP on the band's own label, Moto:Rosa holds the somewhat sanguine title of being one of New York's most "known unknown" bands.

Along the way, it seems fate has led to quite a few friendships and acquaintances made. They are "known", because Moto:Rosa collectively counts Sam and Carlos from Interpol, Brian and Stefan from Placebo, Carl and Anthony from Dirty Pretty Things and Ben and Tom from The Cooper Temple Clause, as friends. (It's even rumored that Dirty Pretty Things' new B-side "Chinese Dogs" was inspired by Odette, David's Chinese Crested dog who took a liking to Carl Barat at David's summer BBQ). "Unknown", because Moto:Rosa, as a musical entity, are still honing their craft locally before popping out of their cake at the end of the party.

chris david - vocals/guitar
nick ferrante - drums
scott irvine - guitar
lynnae savage - bass/bking vocals



Written By: Chris David

Too many doors to lock
Too many keys to save
Secrets hiding in your heart
As the clock ticks

Don't keep the energy down
at the gates of paradise
My feet hardly touch the ground
and I'm getting high

Wine and words will flow
I can't remember the books I've read
Everything happends so slowly
and still the clocks tick in my head

Keeping my spirits high
Up in the wind I'll fly
Keeping my spirits high
I want to lift off


5 - Song mini album 3/07
ep self-release date 5/06

Set List

Crashing Airplane
Little Death
So Long
In A Tunnel
Come Down
Days Are Coming

Most sets are between 25 and 35 minutes