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"Slug Magazine"

Demo pre-release
Street: None
Moto:Rosa = DulceSky + New Order + The Church
So Angela and I got a chance to meet Chris David, and this is his band. I don’t know what I was expecting from a CD with a non-design in a paper sleeve, but Moto:Rosa is phenomenal. Somewhere between Our Lady Peace, Oasis, The Cure, New Order, the Church and locals DulceSky lies the haunting, spacious echoiness of Moto:Rosa. Dark 80s rock themes weave between British goth and shoegazer sensibilities. Driving, melodic basslines are layered over treble accent guitar, expressive drums and sexily gruff vocals that are tender and resigned in their jadedness. The songwriting is accessible—thus, the comparisons to bigger rock bands—gorgeous and killing—of the kind of intensity that drives a dagger through your heart. This Moto:Rosa demo is definitely worth buying, so e-mail the band at, or check out the Moto:Rosa web page at and buy it, suckers. –Rebecca Vernon
- Slug Magazine

"Paste Mag. rev./band shot"

This Brooklyn quartet specializes in that certain kind of moody, melodic guitar pop that sounds best performed on a darkened stage. Fortunately, the music is tightly packaged on this disc as well, even if it is a little similar from track to track. Think British indie rock filtered through a disaffected American lens. - Paste Magazine, Jun '07

"Big Takeover Wine EP rev."

These Brooklyn lads dropped this EP in May 2006, and their debut record should be out as early as now. Clearly in thrall to myriad influences (Chameleons, Bauhaus, MBV, etc.)... Moto:Rosa's tunes are dark, energetic and catchy ("Wine", "Days are Coming") and sometimes poppy ("Beautiful"), but never dull and never obvious. A decent beginning. - Big Takeover, iss. 60 2007

"The Deli features Moto:Rosa"

I wasn't sure if Moto:Rosa were accidentally contradicting each other or if they were just doing it to fuck with me. Regardless, their debut EP is a dark brooding trip, and we look forward to a full-length LP in 2007.

I hear a good amount of new wave, particularly The Cure and Pulp in the Moto:Rosa sound... - The Deli, spring 2007

"Moto:Rosa EP"

Four cuts of sumptuously acute colourfully gliding cosmic pop that suggests formative years spent rifling through the more essential shoe gaze and space pop record racks. --Losing Today Magazine - Losing Today

"NY/Brit Bliss"

"Moto:Rosa reminds me of the best of modern UK rock with a bit of NY grit thrown in to keep the music from erring on the side of foppish glam. I hear bits of Blur, Pulp, Joy Division and in Moto. Their demos promise more bliss to come.”--The Sentimentalist
- The Sentimentalist

"Melt and Swoon"

"Christopher David could sing the instructions to a ceiling fan
installation and I would melt and swoon. Moreover, [he] has consistently released CDs that are dark masterpieces of tangled emotions and sentiment."-- - Starvox webzine

"Enigma, Approachability"

“The lyrics are extremely well done, the perfect mix of enigma and approachability. And the instrumental work just blew me away, from chiming, shimmery guitars to roaring walls of sound, gentle shakers and tympani to thundering shamanic drums, and always the bass sliding slow and smooth and sinuous beneath. Christopher David's vocals also are extremely impressive...”-- -

"Full-bodied Crunch"

“...the multiplicity of the quartet's inspirations is what makes the demo a good listen...Instrumentally [Christopher David] creates both spindly, wiry, and wired work and more full-bodied crunch, while the rhythm section can and does kick up a crisp, loud noise when needed. Additional keyboards... add depth and detail” --All Music Guide



"Moto:Rosa definitely deserves these early murmurs of 'next big thing out of Williamsburg.' Everybody around here's got a sweet tooth for well-crafted garage pop melodies that stalk you for hours after a single listening, and Moto:Rosa's bag is chock full of the stuff. Their catchy, slightly off-kilter songs are delicious and a wee bit dangerous, reminiscent of Joy Division and Blur. These are three dark, handsome strangers with candy." - Stay All Day If You Want To (webzine)


5 - Song mini album 3/07
ep self-release date 5/06



A catchy, dark four-piece based in Brooklyn, Moto:Rosa's moody guitar textures, Britpop leanings and literary mindset have earned them comparisons with The Eels, Postal Service, The Cure and Pulp on blogs and in the national press.

Chris David, Nick Ferrante, Scott Irvine and Lynnae Savage, collectively Moto:Rosa, have been a band for a year, playing music without need for irony or pretense. Having released a 4-song limited edition EP on the band's own label, Moto:Rosa holds the somewhat sanguine title of being one of New York's most "known unknown" bands.

Along the way, it seems fate has led to quite a few friendships and acquaintances made. They are "known", because Moto:Rosa collectively counts Sam and Carlos from Interpol, Brian and Stefan from Placebo, Carl and Anthony from Dirty Pretty Things and Ben and Tom from The Cooper Temple Clause, as friends. (It's even rumored that Dirty Pretty Things' new B-side "Chinese Dogs" was inspired by Odette, David's Chinese Crested dog who took a liking to Carl Barat at David's summer BBQ). "Unknown", because Moto:Rosa, as a musical entity, are still honing their craft locally before popping out of their cake at the end of the party.

chris david - vocals/guitar
nick ferrante - drums
scott irvine - guitar
lynnae savage - bass/bking vocals