Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Aggressive. Powerful. Haunting. The fuel injected female fronted Motorpsychos combine pounding metal riffs, dark-spirited punk rock, and melodic choruses as they continue to spread their supersonic breed of rock to the psycho nation.


Finalists in national Zippo Hot Tour Competition - 2005

Winners of K-Rock, Hard Rock Winter Rock Challenge - 2005

WARPED TOUR Artists - 2009, 2006 & 2005

WXDX X-Fest Artists - 2005

Winners of Rolling Rock Hard & Heavy Rock Wars - 2004

Aggressive. Powerful. Haunting. The fuel-injected, female-fronted Motorpsychos combine pounding metal riffs, dark-spirited punk, and melodic choruses as they continue to spread their supersonic breed of rock to the psycho nation.

With their high-octane punk metal hybrid and iron-clad work ethic that could only come from the City of Steel, the Motorpsychos have shared the bill with Disturbed, Kittie, Nashville Pussy, Ten Years, Ill Nino, Death By Stereo, Harlow, the Shocker, Broadzilla, Jucifer, Bottom and other like-minded aggressors. Winners of multiple “Best Band” titles, the Motorpsychos have appeared on Vans Warped Tour, X-Fest, and the Zippo Hot Tour.

Their 4th album, Sheppard’s File, released in the spring of 2012, will grip the back of your neck and force you through damp city alleys, led confidently by the band that knows exactly where it’s been and where it’s going. It’s a wild ride along the edge of insanity’s abyss– dotted with disturbing melodic junctures and shrewdly crafted escape routes that will send you exploding through the walls with engines revving, wheels screaming, and a war cry that puts hell to shame.
"Good hard rock right from the gut. I would like to know why one has to go to Pittsburgh to find hard music like this" (Matthew OHalloran) New York Waste Magazine

"Lillith girls of the world beware, the Motorpsychos are out to put an end to the debate over whether or not you need a cock, to rock" (BJ Lisko) The Jambar, Youngstown


FULL LENGTH "Coming of Rage" 2009
SINGLE "Monster" ranked #2 in Hard Rock,
SINGLE "Mudbucket" ranked #15 in Hard Rock,

FULL LENGTH "Piston Whipped" 2005
SINGLE "Primer" ranked #11 in Metal/Hardcore,
SINGLE "Reap The Spoil" ranked #12 in Metal/Hardcore,
SINGLE "The Story of Suzy Sydal" ranked #14 in Metal/Hardcore,

FULL LENGTH "Motorpsychos" 2001

Check out the Motorpsychos as featured on the following radio Stations:

105.9 WXDX Edge of the X
102.5 WDVE Coffeehouse
88.3 WRCT Carnegie Mellon University
91.7 WWVU West Virginia University
97.7 WDSR Duquesne Student Radio
IAC Internet Radio

Also Available on Pittsburgh Cable:
"It's Alive Show" Saturdays 11pm
PCTV- "Buck The System" 11pm Thursday nights
Video on Demand- Comcast- Hard Rock, K-Rock Winter Rock Challenge Reality Television

Set List

Motorpsychos play all original material.

Covers are rare, but include songs from Metallica, AC/DC, Motley Crue, and more.