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Motorskills is the New Old-School! Our sound is a fresh fusion of generations of great urban music that we like to call Hip Hop Soul. Our lineup features NYC rapper/singer M.C. Huggs spittin' razor-sharp street poetry backed up by a heavily funked up live band.


There ain't no party like an Old School Party, and an Old School Party is what Motorskills is all about!! Our sound brings together several generations of urban music and fuses it into what we like to call "Hip Hop Soul." Brooklyn Native M.C. Huggs fronts the band, delivering introspective poetry and power soul anthems. A full band backs him up with heavy funk grooves while maintaining a tightly refined pop sensibility.

There aren't many acts out there that do what we do-- We extract the DNA of Hip Hop and inject it into a live band to create a fresh new style. We take you back in time while sending you to the future!! Though its a musical paradox, its not "challenging" to the listener the way avant garde styles often are because the structure of our songs mantain a solid pop foundation.

The influences on this band are definately a mixed bag. We really dig 90's era Hip hop like the The Roots, Tribe called Quest, Biggie Smalls, Dre and Snoop's G-funk sound and Rage against the Machine. But we equally dig James Brown, Al Green, Aretha, the Meters, Parliament Funkadelic, and Herbie Hancock-- and it certainly comes through in the instrumentation Motorskills. Recently Outkast and Gnarls Barkley's experimental thing has definately opened doors to fusing hip hop back to its roots.

Motorskills began when guitarist, Josh Vaughan got together with Huggs to write songs. There was an instant spark so they got to work on the formation of a band. Vaughan was able to recruit former musical collaborator and best friend of over 20 years, Jeremy Greene to relocate from the Northeast to Asheville NC to play drums. Next the band added Josh Watson, formerly of Boojum Tribe and other Asheville area bands to play bass. The final ingredient came in the form of pure unrefined sugar with the addition of Molly Reed of Barrelhouse Mammas singing backup.


Motorskills - Self titled EP (2005)
Live at the Orange Peel - Full length Enhanced cd (2009)

Set List

We have three 45 min. sets of music that consist of about 90% original material. We mix it up through our sets with heavy and chill stuff. Artists we cover include Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, and Ohio Players.


Im Still
Act like you know
I'ts Like That
For My People
Now & 4ever
Mad Rhymes
If there's a Cure
The Oogie
Cadillac Funk
Food 4 Thought
Square Biz
Live Free
Mental Floss
One Liners
The Cunna

If You Want Me to Stay --Sly and the family Stone
Fame -- David Bowie
Ain't no Fun -- Snoop Dogg
Fire -- Ohio Players
Sweet Thing -- Rufus
Peg -- Steely Dan
I Want You Back -- The Jackson 5
Slide -- Slave
Tippy Toes -- The Meters