Map of the Universe

Map of the Universe


Upbeat Rock N Roll with pop hooks. Influences from classic rock, shoegaze, indie pop and post punk. If you trapped My Bloody Valentine and Sebadoh inside an elevator with only one beer left in the middle of the floor.


Re-formed in the spring of 2007 Map of the Universe is a driving three piece with catchy hooks and short rocking songs. Influences include punk, post punk, indie pop, shoegaze, classic rock and parts unknown.

Ivan Marchena (Vocals, Guitar) and Ed Artigas (Drums) have played together for last six years with indie rock bands Bling Bling and Map of the Universe. Bling Bling had released two cds nationally, received great local press, and two awards from The Miami New Times (Best Indie Band, and Best Male Rock Vocals for Ivan), as well as playing festivals (Citylink Musicfest, Street Buzz), and venues all over South Florida.

The reformation of Map of the Universe, found Ed leaving the bass, returning to drums and the addition of Miami scene veteran Michael Alen (Secret Service) on bass. The trio is starting to play all the local hot spots (Da Da, Circa 28, Billabong Pub, PS14, Revolution, The Poor House, and Churchill's Hideaway) while releasing a four song ep.


"Curse in Reverse" 2007 Sound Nutrition/Spy-fi
4song ep special 6-inch packaging

Set List

The band usually plays ten songs roughly 35 minutes with an ocassional cover from the likes of The Beach Boys, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground etc.