Recreating the sounds, feels and attitudes of contemporary Southern Soul/Blues.


Mo-Tunes performs Southern Soul/Blues. The act arrives at their own interpretation of current Soul/Blues numbers. This allows the act to stay true to the spirit of the genre whilst at the same time allowing them to express themselves creatively, as well as bring new fans to the music.

They are disciples of the great Southern Soul artists, especially female, seeing as how the act has 3 x girls fronting the band.

Southern Soul/Blues has lyrics that are real and honest, especially from the female perspective, and this is what the group tries to achieve with their music and presentation.


Come See About Me - EP - BMM 215S

Set List

While The Cat's Away
No Getting Over Me
You Know Whatcha Gettin' At Home
Home Girl
Precious, Precious
Tear This House Down Tonight
Lack Of Communication
Back Door Love Affair
The Twist
Shake & Bump
Homework Undone
3 People