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"Motus - Lords of the SoCal Underground"

You know, no matter much one were to try, you really can't kill rock 'n roll. It's like a horde of post-apocalyptic monsters - immune to chemicals, poisons, et cetera, and they just keep on coming, mutating further. They absorb and start metabolizing the poisons meant to eradicate them. Naturally, they've come for your daughters, so watch out; lock those virgins up when these ruffians come to town.

I didn't know what to think when I first popped in the CD and listened to it. I had no preconceived notions. I liked the way it began, a rocking opener, but with unique hooks and arrangements. I was compelled to continue to listen out of curiousity - I wanted to hear what came next, as I do many times in new and interesting music.

I'll be honest, I half expected to to get assaulted with that typical guttural barking and screaming that is ubiquitous in most "nu-metal" these days - like King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Deicide, and Cannibal Corpse, and countless others. But I was pleasantly surprised when the vocals came out nice and clean; in tune, a melody that complemented the accompanying jamming, rocking metal cooking behind.

I've also heard Motus described as sounding like a new Tool, but, honestly, Tool was the last band that Motus evoked from listening to their CD. I wouldn't call Motus a Tool-sound-alike, and I'm sure that Motus wouldn't want you to either.

Anyway, if Motus can live up to that high-handed standard, they will be visionaries indeed. Prophets of a rising level of alienation, angst, fiery vitriol, polemical diatribes, and all this with a super-cool black-as-midnight rock and roll that percolates throughout your body, leaving you not cold, but shaking in orgiastic metal romps; good times abound all around, I say.

-KM - Reviewer Magazine


Releases include numerous compilations of demo work and short EPs, including radio play of singles such as "The Haunted" and "Know Better," as well as "Yeah Right". San Diego local rock station Rock 105.3 has aired Motus during peak daytime hours in addition to a steady rotation on their local show. Another local station, FM 94.9, has spun Motus' music on the air.



Chunky guitars. Searing solos. Booming, musical drums and percussion. Smooth, fluid basslines. Vocals that go from growl to fine tenor as quickly as the lyrics go from love to rage. This is Motus.

Almost crushed by numerous setbacks and difficulties, this nearly nine year old hard rock band from Southern California has perservered through the loss of band members, dirty management, and an over-saturated market full of under-talented bands. Founding members Tim Fennell and Peter Guzzardo have held strong to the desire for success throughout everything that the industry and life in general has thrown at them.

Tim Fennell has been playing guitar for over 20 years. The truth of this statement can be proven by watching this axe-man at work. Trained in numerous different musical styles, Tim is a monster on a six-stringed instrument. With the ability to incorporate classical licks and sweeping arpeggios into even the hardest of riffs, Tim is an irreplaceable, invaluable part of the sound that is Motus.

Peter Guzzardo started banging on pots and pans at the incredibly early age of 4. More than 25 years later, he is a powerhouse drummer, able to not only kick out the sickest beats, but also to create off-beat polyrythyms while still keeping one hand free to play keyboards or other percussion instruments. Trained in over 25 different musical styles and proficient at most, Peter adds a certain flare to the hard rock overtones of Motus, from a simple Indian beat to a percussion-based solid rythym. A master of his instrument, Peter is always looking to expand his knowledge and think outside the box.

Nick Flores found his way into the Motus camp in late 2003. A bassist for 15 years, Nick has added an element of grunge to Motus' hard rocking style. Brought up playing mostly alternative and metal, this multi-faceted bassist also trained in gospel, blues, and praise music during his childhood. Not content to simply lay low in the background, Nick can be found upping the ante onstage, and can be heard complimenting Tim's guitars sonically. An aggressive part of this group's rythym section, Nick has brought a high level of desire for success to Motus, and has solidified what has become an amazing rythym section.

Now, this solid and powerful hard rock band is rocking across San Diego, winning over every fan one at a time. From simple stages to grandstands, Motus will play anywhere that lets them. They desire only to make music, and to share it with the world. With a great knowledge of music, a passion for their art, and a starving hunger for success, Motus is what many consider to be one of the most original and freshest bands on the scene. A genuinely creative soundscape of literally skull-jarring and bone crunching guitars, innovative polyrythmic and thunderous drums, and smooth grooving tight bass rythyms, this band is one in a million.

Welcome to Motus.