Springfield, Illinois, USA
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ElectroDog is a four-piece funk-pop-rock hit machine of original material and unlimited potential whose sound has been described as “Dave Matthews meets Maroon 5 and sprinkled with some Jack Johnson.” ElectroDog hit's #1 on "Adult Contemporary" Chart! (02/21/06)


ElectroDog has its origins in the singer/songwriter style of founder Michael Babb. Michael has refined his melodies and lyrics during more than 10 years of work as either a solo act at open mic nights and intimate venues and as a duo with singer and guitarist Naren Schoenacher of Marsupial. In 2003 friend and drummer Bob Applegate approached Michael with the idea to form a band around Michaels material. ElectroDog was Born and the Band came together as a five-piece consisting of Michael on vocals and rhythm guitar, "Big John" Anderson on lead guitar, Steve Busey on 2nd rhythm guitar, and "Gully" Clarke on bass.

2003 and 2004 was spent playing shows and exploring the music. By summer 2004 a 7 song CD was released with one of the tracks featured on a compilation CD put out by the Phantasy Tour, which included bands like U-Melt and Amphibian. The CD received favorable mention by Relix magazine as well as finding airplay on Ashevilles own public radio station WNCW where it still gets a spin. ElectroDog was getting good local recognition when the bands drummer decided to move to Panama. The search for a new drummer began in earnest and Rob Ross joined as the new drummer in early 2005.

ElectroDog had, by virtue of its members, slid comfortably into being the jam band genre which didnt honestly fit the style of Michaels songwriting. The time had come for an inevitable shake-up that would send ElectroDog into personnel and musical direction changes.

Shortly after drummer Rob Ross came on board, Dan Chase was brought on board as keyboardist extraordinaire and bassist Robert Jones was soon to follow. The new incarnation retooled the music into a four-piece, funk-pop-rock hit machine. The band went straight into the studio to produce a professional quality demo.

ElectroDog brings it all together with smooth vocals, intoxicating melodies and brilliant lyrics. A combination which leaves every audience begging for more of the Dog.


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Written By: Michael

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ElectroDog - 7 song release - 2004
Demo - 3 song demo - 2005

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