M'Oud Swing

M'Oud Swing


Morocco meets Miles Davis! M'oud Swing is a 6 piece Moroccan Jazz Band, combining elements of Moroccan, Berber, and Spanish/Latin rhythms with jazz and funk. Musicians hail from Morocco, Syria, Venezuela and the USA, creating a truly unique sound!


Unlike other artists that have enjoyed success by blending different sounds, M'oudswing's goal is for Arabic music and jazz to co-exist in harmony while still retaining their respective musical origins. The brainchild of a Morrocan oudist and an American keyboardist, M'oudswing aims to introduce jazz to a Middle Eastern/North African audience, doing the reverse for the western audiophile, and perhaps creating a new breed of listener.

This "Moroccan fusion" layers oud and modal jazz improvisation over North African grooves. These two world sounds run simultaneously, with doumbek and oud playing in Arabic tradition while piano, bass, woodwinds, and drums are playing jazz. The response has been very positive from audiences that are cheerfully perplexed by this new idea.

M'oudswing was conceived after a chance meeting between oud player Karim Kadiri and keyboardist, producer Barry Sames in early 2003. The two quickly agreed on the unique collaboration and M'oudswing was born. To complete the band, Kadiri and Sames enlisted New York saxophone player Ed Yellen, Venezuelen/Syrian percussionist Hafez Havier, Bassist Chico Huff, and jazz drummer Najib.

Set List

Music is all Original, 2 sets lasting 45 minutes each, or a 90 minute concert.