Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

Mounawar has always been very curious and open to all world music. Besides m'godro and twarab, his musical heritage, the radio enables him to discover Fela Kuti, Keziah Jones, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson.


Mounawar was born in Anjouan, in the Comorian archipelago: the Moon Islands. His music definitely refers to the Indian Ocean cultures thanks to its ternary rhythm called Mgodro .

As a singer composer, he has found his influences in the Indian Ocean Afro music, the funk music, the afro beatHis texts contain a will to denounce the political context of his country and the consequences and unfairness his people daily bears.

Since he started his carrier, Mounawars talent has already been several times recognized: Indian Ocean Music Award finalist in 2007, the young singer was invited as a Dcouvertes du Printemps de Bourges in 2008. 2011 announces him as the winner of the Afro Ppite Show, a musical competition that reveals the new talented artists from Africa, and he was selected to perform during the Indian Ocean Music Market #2 last year. Finally, he has been nominated in the category of "Indian Ocean artist of the year" for GOTA 2013.

Musically speaking, he has always been interested in worldwide music. Besides he grew up with Mgodro and Twarab, the radio allows him to discover Fela Kuti, Keziah Jones, Ben Harper or Jack Johnson. Hence a musical concept he wants to develop: to mix ternary and binary rhythms, going from one to the other thanks to breaks, rests

He concretizes this idea thanks to his two groovy fellows. What binds the three musicians together is a real harmony. Once they are on stage, they panderly share their music with the public.


Sawa , his first album, was released during spring 2012. Composed and sang in French and Comorian, his native language, a derivative from Swahili, this is a way for him to arouse all East Africa populations attention, from South of Somalia to Mozambique.

Mounawar talks to Humans and deals with their suffering, their own human behaviours, always unsatisfied of what they own.
His peaceful message is nowadays a universal one.


2012 : Sawa (Maecha Métis)

Set List

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