Mountain Man

Mountain Man


If one phrase could some up Mountain Man it would be high energy, from the immediate connection listeners have with our music and to us. Our music is a folk melting pot from drinking songs to traditional american dance music and the occasional good old fashioned rock song.


-Mountain Man has won the Philadelphia Finals for the Emergenza International Music Festival.
-Mountain Man finished 7th out of over 1500 bands on the east coast at the Emergenza International Music Festival Finals

Mountain Man is dance music. American dance music. It started as a three piece with acoustic guitar, bass, and hand percussion with emphasis on the djembe. The combination opened possibilities that immediately separated the band from any other act normally seen at a small club. With this early excitement, the founders Matt, Cusack, Vince Federici, and Ashton Farley saw no reason why the band shouldn’t expand. So now the band has become a six piece that now includes banjo, guitar, bass, snare drum, various shakers, djembe, and trumpet. The new players are Charlie Heim, Ashton McNielis, and Alan Ens. With a core of three to four part harmony with voices and you have quite a force on stage. In a six month period, Mountain Man has played every major venue in Philadelphia including; The Northstar Bar, The Khyber, The Grape Street Pub, The Troc Balcony, and just for good measure the band played for a live studio audience including Gene Shay at World Cafe Live’s WXPN radio station for a live radio broadcast on 88.5.

Now the band’s focus is on the ever growing festival scene that is sweeping across America. The music is there and the songs are all equally interesting ranging from traditional American, Caribbean, Klezmer, Irish……everything done in an upbeat fashion with lyrics that range from the obvious love songs to “deep thoughts”(echo). Its time for Mountain Man.


Mountain Man 13 song album

Set List

My Aphrodite- bluegrass rock
Standing in Line- acoustic rock
Sparks Flying- carribean
Circles- ballad
Submarine Sailor- irish folk
Walkin' on Water- bluegrass rock
Shoreside- carribean
Has it Really Come To This- lezmer
Truth- acoustic rock
Usually 50 min. sets are achieved if allowed. At this point the band can comfortably fill an hour and a half.
If we need covers usually we do Beatles Songs