Mountain Men

Mountain Men


A serious mixture of a "black voiced" French bluesman with his Australian immigrant harmonica player. Acoustic blues played by 2 big boys on their favourite toys. To see and hear more check Mr Mat....Mountain Men on Myspace.


Mountain Men is an acoustic blues duo from somewhere in the south eastern French Alps.
"Discovered" in 2006 at a band play-off for the major French festival "Blues sur Seine", near Paris, and were invited by the Montréal Festiblues to come do their thing in August 2007.

From high on the mountain, Mr. Mat fingerpicks his trusty Gibson, beats on his National resonator, and sings. Influenced by the pioneers of the Blues...Robert Johnson, Son House, Charlie Patton, Skip James, as well as artists like Keb Mo and Eric Bibb, Mat performs with a rare intensity.
Once you hear him sing you won't forget that voice.

From the valley below, Barefoot Iano plays harmonica. Noted especially for his presence on stage, Iano was Australian 1993 harmonica champion, and placed 4th in the blues/rock category of the 1993 and 1997 trossingen world harmonica championships.
His main line : "music comes first".

Since meeting in 2005, they've had a lot of fun...and count on having a whole bunch more.
To hear and see more check their myspace at


2005 Mat with Iano - Mountain Men
First album, soon to be out of print.

Set List

Sets can be as short or as long as required.
A normal show will last for anything from one to two hours.
At the Montreal Festiblues in August 2007, we were thrown out (politely asked to leave) the cultural centre three times during the five days we were there, as it was time to close, and we were still playing....