Mountain Radio

Mountain Radio


Mountain Radio's first record hit the #1 spot on CISM 89.3 FM's top 30 album chart. Montreal acts such as "The Arcade Fire" first gained recognition coming up the same chart. While the album has an electro feel to it, Mountain Radio is also known for its' raw, more rock oriented live performances.


Jp, Dc, Meo and Mass all attended Mont-Saint-Louis private High School in Montreal. Dave and Meo had already met in elementary school and the two would later meet Mass and Jp (mass was in dave’s grade eight class, meo was in Jp’s grade nine class). They played some shows in front of classmates at school events. The four lost contact for a while when they all parted ways for college.

Jp however never gave up on music and kept on producing new tracks ranging from rock to electro. In 2003, Jp’s musical talents were discovered and he was signed to “Citizen Records” (a major European electro label). He put out a few successful vinyls through Citizen including the hit single “Cquetucherces”. He also toured Europe playing in almost every major city. After creative differences with the label, Jp decided to switch musical paths.

In the spring of 2006, Jp and Mass who had recently come back into contact, met up and went over some of the tracks that would be featured on “From the Mountain Radio”. Asked if he wanted to be a part of the project Mass immediately agreed. Dave who was at college with Mass would soon join them and completing the quartet was Meo.

Mountain Radio made their live debut that summer in front of a sold out crowd at Main Hall and hit the number one spot soon after on the University of Montreal top thirty album chart.


"From the Mountain Radio" 2006
Only a few weeks after its release, "From the Mountain Radio" hit the number one spot on CISM's 89,3 FM album chart.