Mountain Soul

Mountain Soul

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Mountain Soul's music taps deep Appalachian roots; bluegrass tones underscore a modern sound best described as Americana. Traditional-based harmonies embellish homegrown lyricism in an effort to tell stories of love, loss, and coal in a post-TVA South. The playing is well-crafted, but honest.


Mountain Soul hearkens back to the heart and soul of southern and Appalachian culture. Songs of love, work, loss, and coal have long been commonplace in bluegrass and country music, but this band's eclectic approach and homegrown songwriting have meshed to become an exciting new sound in Americana music. Brothers Daniel and Cory Kimbro have continued in the dynamic performance tradition they learned from their parents. Jonathan Maness brings the crucial third part to their brother harmony, while incorporating a unique flatpicking guitar style. Mike Seal's refreshing resophonic and electric guitar stylings complete Mountain Souls "re"-definition of Appalachian roots music.


Mountain Soul - 2011