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Mountain Sprout

Band Americana Bluegrass


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live show review"

Q: Here is a review of the Mountain Sprout for you Davey’s Uptown KCMO 11/14/08 The Mountain Sprout Band is the most authentic modern Ozarks mountain music available today. Hailing from Eureka Springs Arkansas, four incredible musicians work seamlessly to bring forward the kind of bass thumping, banjo picking, guitar playing, and fiddle shredding that makes you get up and stomp your feet. The lyrics present a variety of stories and jokes that resonate with drunks and sober listeners alike. If you are a hillbilly, good ol boy or just a finely crafted music lover, The Mountain Sprout Band is not to be missed. Greg Montgomery NKC MO

"press review"

No matter where they go,Eureka's off the wall bluegrass quartet,Mountain Sprout,draws a crowd.Blayne Grayson,Adam,and Melissa play and sing about the underbelly of the Ozarks with captivating irreverence.Their friendly exchange with the crowd and steady musical talent draws the audience in,and their seemingly effortless approach finds people swillin' and chillin' like they're on one big front porch on a summer's day
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"Mulberry Harvest Fest Review"

7:15 p.m., on the festival grounds: Or at least I thought I’d see them. My schedule showed that Perpetual Groove would play until 7:30 p.m. They didn’t. The band played its final song as I was walking toward the stage, which was 7:10 p.m. at the latest. Perhaps the rain bothered them, but I’m not sure. Without music coming from the main stage, one could pick up the sound of an unscheduled concert in the campgrounds. As it happened, Mountain Sprout, from Arkansas, were not included on the actual festival roster but decided to play anyway. A crowd of 100 strong gathered around an RV to hear, all hyperbole aside, one of the more entertaining sets of the entire festival. As a small but noticeable stream of cars began exiting the venue, Mountain Sprout got everyone dancing with an R-rated set of songs. In addition to its fun set, it should be noted that Mountain Sprout would win the festival’s best beard award, despite the effort of Seth Avett from the night before.

Kevin Kinder - Northwest Arkansas News
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One More For The Ditch 2007
Into the Sun 2008
Fambilly 2008



Mountain Sprout is a touring band from Eureka Springs,Arkansas,playing original Americana,hillbilly style music to make ourselves happy and hopefully entertain some folks along the way.We play around 250 shows a year in venues large and not so large,we have shared the stage with many well known bands and some not so well known.We are dynamic and upbeat and guaranteed to bring a jolt of energy to any event we play.The foursome MOUNTAIN SPROUT is comprised of Daniel Redmond pulling cannon fire notes out of the stand up doghouse bass, Adam Wagner yanking the melody up by it's ear and giving it a musical spanking on the guitar, Blayne Thiebaud burning rosin and bending bow on the fiddle, and Grayson Van Sickle playing machine gun banjo.
Since forming in 2007 Mountain Sprout has released three recordings beginning with our original debut album "One More For The Ditch" followed directly by a collection of traditional tunes entitled "Fambilly" and topped buy another cd of original songs "Into The Sun"