Mountain Standard Time

Mountain Standard Time


We're a group of mountain folk that live to play music and frisbee golf.

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The Evade Parade

Written By: Stan Sutton

Seven days cold on the road,
And the heat's still on my back.
My scent grows strong,
As the days go long,
Gotta cover up my tracks.
They came this morning,
Without no warning,
With a warrent in their hand.
So up out the bed,
Out the window I fled,
Grabbed my strings & then I ran.

Runnin from the man,
Where I go they'll never know,
Truckin through this land,
Gotta stay under cover,
Gotta run from the PO.

Most police neglect,
To serve and protect,
Their citizens of this time,
Aint it a crime,
To be held at such high power,
All the while your just a coward,
With a gun,
That aint no fun for anyone.

Winter Winds

Written By: Stan Sutton

Winter Winds bring me down,
But in my mind I think of the sound,
Of birds flying,
Swirling through air,
Mountian peaks flourish,
And from up there,
Things seem so small,
And not worth the fret,
And from now on,
Ill try not to let,
Myself get brought down,
From winter winds,
Cause soon enough,
Spring will begin.

Nature heals with its ways,
And because this,
There will I stay,
One with the earth,
Barefoot in the mud,
Anticipating our trees to bud,
So we can leave this town behind,
Put it right in the back of our minds,
Travel toward mountians,
Green & high,
Never once wondering why.

Once we achieve,
Our goals that are set,
We will not look back,
With any regret.
Because we done did,
The things we could do.
And we couldn't do better than this,
could you?

Higher Ground

Written By: Stan Sutton

Feeling bad about the vibe,
the alleged so - called tribe.
Dont know what they're tryin to prove,
With the stupid things they do,
Like poppin pills,
even though it makes them ill,
Cause what counts is whats inside,
We gotta keep the scene alive....

We gotta move,
to a higher ground,
before we drown,
We gotta groove,
to the downhome sound,
its all around...
When you start your thinkin that your on your own,
Turn to your brother and he'll toss you a bone,
Listen to the voice that calls inside your head,
When your cup is overflowing,
just be a friend.

Say what happened to the day,
When the music it would play,
To everyone under the sun,
no worries 'bout no one,
But not today,
Many sheep have been led astray,
People time to make a change,
Hold up now rearrange

Warming Glow

Written By: Stanton Sutton

Even though I know our paths must split,
I just can't help it,
I wish it wasn't you.
I thought I found something profound,
Much different than the run-around.
I guess this wasn't true.
I gave my heart,
I gave my soul,
Then she shoved me in a hole,
But I still wanna give her more.
Maybe its self-destructive behavior,
Not at all productive,
Neighboring the issue of esteem.

But that aint me babe open up your eyes.
The pain you've delt to me is all by suprise.
How could you now question who I am?
I've done enough to help you understand.

Think about what's out & around the corner.
Steering her away from those who warn her,
About what they might think they see in me.
I can't show them the warming glow that you yourself have grown to know.
Our roots should run deeper than a tree.
She repededly promised me what she and I would grow to be.
And if that were true than I can't see what's making up her mind.
Maybe its a production,
While ignoring all my deductions, And proof of why she's leaving me behind.

How could she now want to run away?
I've said enough to make her wanna stay.
Ide love to lover her in a band new way.
But I know it wont work out for today.

Peace Is the Way

Written By: Stanton Sutton

People don't you know,
That money it kills?
Its not worth all our fighting over tangible thrills.
And that greed is not what we need.
Ill shout it out today.

Me & my own Way

Written By: Stanton Sutton

The trail of my life,
Is no longer lit.
The times I have tried to not be led astray.
They said when I was young,
Not to trust no one.
And if I were to sercome to what they had shunned,
I'de be gone.

But Now that I am older,
I feel that times have changed.
Perceptions growing colder of me & my own way.

Will I become,
Everything I hate?
Or will I find a reason for this place?
Look at what we have done!
All the wars, aint nobody won.
Its time to start a revolution,
And bring this institution to its grave!


We have a collection of live performances, and are working on a studio release.

Set List

Our sets range from just under an hour all the way up to 3 or more hours. We perform about 75% origional material