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"Mountain Standard Time: Redefining Mountain Melodies"

Mountain Standard Time is gearing up for their debut Nederland springtime performance this Friday Mar. 28th at the Shining Star Cafe. The groups first seeds were sewn in May '07 when Phillip Dyer (guitar/mandolin) and Adam Pause (banjo) end up around a campfire in the mountains. The chemistry between the musicians sparked an immediate ruckus, now the band has taken form and is ready to take flight. MST plays a balanced mix of origionals, and traditional bluegrass standards. The origional music is hard to classifly into one genre, but the insturmentation lends itself toward the blugrass form. "Its not your traditional bluegrass", explains Adam," the stuff we are writing is far from the standard G-C-D progresstions. We are consistantly exploring new horizions." The band is rounded off by Curly Collins on the basss and Stanton Sutton on guitar and mandolin. Stanton has been seen all over New England and the Front Range of colorado performing on a plethroa of instruments put together with his imfamous loop station. His recent foray into the more 'traditional' realm has added a futuristic aesthetic to this standard form.
The good vibe surrounds MST and their authentic excitment is apparent. This chemistry provides concert-goers an environment to dance and have a good time. As Phillip elaborates, " So here I am playing with Adam and our buddies Stanton and Curly, and there's no place I'd rather be."....... - The Mountain Ear

"Pick of the Month"

Set your watches everyone because it's Mountain Standard Time. In tradition of Leftover, YMSB and String Cheese, our peaks have once again given birth to another rockabilly, dance your tail off, slammin' bluegrass band. MST hit the scene a few months ago and are rapidly gaining in popularity. The quartet played to a very impressed crowd at the Shining Star and First Street this past month and have also appeard in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins. Mixing origional tunes while covering old favorites, Mountain Standard Time kept the floor shaking and everyone groovin'...... Don't miss the best local bluegrass band to hit the area since Yonder, because when the flatlanders find out about them, they may just have to leave and go on tour.... - Mountain Music


We have a collection of live performances, and are working on a studio release.



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