Mount Peru

Mount Peru

 Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

The finest (or only) band that Boston’s Cosmic Americana/Glam Hangover/Powerpop scene has ever produced.


To hell with geography.

Mount Peru, the band that cites as “pioneers of Cosmic Americana”, mix extraterrestrial elements to forge torch songs from Mars, dust bowl ballads from Jupiter, and powerpop from Pluto. For all of the familiar signifiers, it's clear after the first few notes that this earth is not their home. Their narcotic hymns reverberate through the atmosphere like signals sent through space hoping to make contact - a pirate transmission from a far away radio, on some other heartbroken planet just like this one.

Mount Peru’s debut album, “My Sweetheart the Destroyer” is now available for download at

Turn on and tune in to their transmission!


2010 - My Sweetheart the Destroyer

Set List

Your Name In Lights
Saint Cloud
Crooked Road Blues
So Sue Me, Lucinda
(Everybody loves the) Hospital
There Should Be Riots
Summer Jinx
Opposite of a Miracle
Disaster Girl
Got Nuthin' (unreleased)