Mourning Coup

Mourning Coup


Psychedelic ghost whispering


Chandra Melting Tallow began whispering into the mouth of the spirit world in the Fall of 2008 in Montreal, Quebec. In those ecstatic moments a Mourning Coup began to unravel its mysteries.
Crafted with notions of music being a chord between the physical and spirit world from her Blackfoot upbringing, her work is coloured by a lifelong attraction to classical requiems, doo wop and r&b. The result is haunting, with heavy undertones of pop.
Mourning Coup live performances are collaborative and often involve Britton Proulx of Seizure Salad, FOONYAP of Woodpidgeon and FOONYAP and the Roar, Gabrielle Girard Charest and Mona Varichon of Montreal's Teen Sleuth among many others.


LIGHTHOUSE EP limited release (5), 2009
Hairfall EP limited release (25), 2011 (#4 on CJSW)

My Boyfriend is a Ghost 7"
Spring 2011

Set List

Poker Lady//Gaga Face
My Boyfriend Is a Ghost
Scarlet Ocean
Mother's Day
Hans Blue
Two Black Eyez