New York City, New York, USA

hypnotic, dreamy, creamy, swirly, girly, pop


straight outta brooklyn ....
ms. mouse's influences include pj harvey cat power mary timony throwing muses lucinda williams etc etc.


the waltz

Written By: susan margolis

there's a place that you will know
a fortune teller told me so
look around it won't be long
now that everything is gone

chorus- you want to set the world on fire
can't you stop, slow down, make some sense
everything will come together, if you wait

look into a crystal ball
maybe someday you'll recall
what it is you've looked for
never even left your door
the gypsy said, "Your right on track, a little hope will light your path
you will be a perfect flower
you will see your finest hour"


Mouse- "Poison Apple" self-released 2003 Full Length CD -this cd gets airplay on WUSC- 90.5fm

Mouse- "For The Dogs" to be released fall 2004 full length cd

Set List

usually 10-12 songs 45 minute sets
occasionally will do a cover