Austin, Texas, USA

MouseAbout is a genre jumping mix of rock, pop,jazz, punk, and polka. MouseAbout is known for their tight vocal harmony's and high energy live shows.


MouseAbout formed in March of 2005 in Austin Texas. Songwriter and guitarist Peter O'Dowd and drummer Shane Kullberg had previously shared the stage in Austin band Murfph. John Cassibry adds a deep pocket groove on bass and Sean Friend rounds out the sound on guitar and lap steel. Entering their eleventh year together, having played hundreds of shows and countless hours rehearsing and refining their sound, they have achieved a chemistry and ensemble that really comes through on stage and in their recordings.  MouseAbout has released a self titled debut(2007), Shades of Blue (2010),  Unusual Delusion (2015), and Ennui (2016). The music is a genre jumping mix of rock, pop, punk, jazz, and polka. They have been featured on 90.5 FM KUT "The Laurie Show", on Unsigned Rock Zone Podcast (episode 30) , Ourobouros podcast (UK), Break Thru Radio (River Runs Red podcast), and at Waterloo Records "Hear Texas Here" listening Stations. Tight vocal harmonies are a trademark to the MouseAbout sound. MouseAbout's broad musical collage makes it nearly impossible to pin their sound to any particular genre.  They pride themselves on pushing the musical envelope and not having every song sound the same.  

"These guys have a way with controlled chaos and glorious guitar hooks that remind me of the Pixies.  MouseAbout is the ultimate Austin slacker noisy pop band"  

Rick McNulty - KUT 90.5FM Austin

"A very interesting band from Austin,Texas"    Adi Anand - Break Thru Radio podcast 

"MouseAbout is a band that has a sound of simplicity no matter how complex the music may get.  With mellow yet effective drum beats, quirky vocals, and an eclectic assortment of horn and synthesizer sounds the band creates a patchwork collection of songs..." 

Craig Van Dyke - Evolution of Media


mouseabout (self-titled) LP 2007
Shades of Blue LP 2010

Unusual Delusion  2015

Ennui 2016

Set List

Touch It
TV Nation
I High Why Lie
In the End
Only U
Leave Yourself Behind
Opposable Thumbs
Never Change
See How They Run
New Level
Modern Age Girl
Radiation Son
Bury Me
What's in the air
Morris Shinnish
Shades of Blue
Remedial Math


Creepy Ain't Illegal


Snake in the Grizzle

Unusual Delusion