Mouseheart Factor

Mouseheart Factor


With a dynamic live performance, articulate and rehearsed, Mouseheart Factor brings together causative progressive elements, an informed pop sensibility and an inspired narrative with love and loss in every stitch.


Mouseheart Factor is a quintet hailing from the small town of Anacortes, Washington. Their enigmatic sound employs two keyboardists, two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer as well as programmed drums. Using alternate guitar tunings, odd time signatures and seamless key changes, ethereal, layered melodies interplay with a tight, cohesive rhythm section. As a result of diverse influences, their sound is more difficult to pin down. The group has performed across much of Western Washington, from Olympia to Bellingham, including such Seattle venues as the Crocodile Cafe, Chop Suey, Highdive, Nectar and the Sunset Tavern. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Argo, H is for Hellgate, the Lonely Forest, Feral Children, Jon Auer, the Oregon Donor, the Capillaries, Summer at Shatter Creek and Joy Wants Eternity as well as performing in three What-The-Heck-Fests. With their first full length release, I Can Say It Is Even When It's Not, Mouseheart Factor have drawn comparisons to Sunny Day Real Estate, Hope Of The States, Muse, Lake Trout and Mew.


in rolling over cars

Written By: james moffitt

writing me a note with finger tips on skin
to sweetly dream of you
but i'll need a mirror and a magnifying glass
to decipher the truth
it's always backwards and upside-down
our hands fit so well together
i lose track, i can't tell the fingers apart
and all the stupid lines that we have drawn to our hearts
as corners come too quickly, should we clasp these hands so tightly
in rolling over cars
don't close your eyes and don't let go
we'll see if this thing can hold
or we can scrape down these streets for weeks on end
and watch time and landscapes unfold
the first breath of freedom, four years of barren road
to settle in a simple place, realize the weight of difference
the colors we're allowed to view, spread over such a canvas
a slow but spectacular expanse
stretching out like smooth black sheets
making lines connecting point to point
and the slippery tips of tongues help us to recognize
the years of understanding and not understanding
games to play, riddles to speak in some language
in blood or ink
don't close your eyes and don't let go
we'll see if this thing can hold
or we can scrape down these streets for weeks on end
and watch time and landscapes unfold
would this secret keep to being if i lose it
grab the wheel and slow
all these signs, they point to somewhere else
but i've gotta get you home
it's already tomorrow, you set out to find
a world that you've never seen
with my hands untied, down at my side
so stupid to think you'd cling to me
and i can see the lighthouse from the window in my room
our hearts lost on water, my heart won't be coming back soon
even if the storm subsides, there's a warrant for such distress
i'm gonna find you


Over the past seven years, Mouseheart Factor have released two self-titled ep's (2002-three songs, 2004-six songs), contributed to three What-the-heck-fest compilations on knw-yr-own records and as of February 2008, their first full length lp, I Can Say It Is Even When It's Not. They have received airplay on KUGS 89.3 Bellingham, 1340 KWLE Anacortes, and KEXP 90.3 Seattle.

Set List

R&Rx, In Rolling Over Cars, Blurter, Salt, Cricket, Mistake For Magellan and Moths. Our sets range from 30 to 50 minutes.