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Mouse Kills Tiger

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"A band with class..."

That's the great thing about independent music. There is no imperative to follow trends and produce radio friendly pop songs or bombastic ballads about true love. Sometimes you can just go all theatrical and that is what Mouse Kills Tiger have done.

The laconic vocals of Jens Kuross pervade these tunes of swirling despair. Not that is a depressing Morrissey fest (because it isn't) it's more of a Freddie Mercury over the top approach (but without that campness). Even the melancholy laced "Chasing Foxes" escapes form the darkness with a positively swaggering majesty and the circus comes to town in "I See Mephistopheles" with a simple keyboard riff getting decorated (and nearly splattered) by Justin Deming's rock god guitar work. These are big powerful songs that just beg to be played loud and, refreshingly, you don't have to worry about sloppy musicianship either as everyone shows the polish necessary to make things work. Mouse Kills Tiger are a band with class. - The Blues Bunny Music Review

"Ambient mix of awesome..."

The second band up was Mouse kills tiger. I was excited to see this band as i had heard good things about the live show, which is a good thing because the myspace is not a good calling card, don’t get me wrong it’s good, but the live show is amazing. The band is a real straight up indie ambient mix of awesome! This is one of my new favorite bands. Mouse kills tiger has the spirit of radiohead and sigur ros running through their amps. The Silver factory studio space, did them right trapping in the re verb of the guitar. You must, visit their myspace and check them out when they come to your town. - All Things Indie

"Dangerous Mouse"

One would never think that something best described as electronica slow jams would be worth your time, but somehow LA-based Mouse Kills Tiger pulls it off. Taking the darker elements of Thom Yorke’s solo albums and adding undertones reminiscent of Massive Attack, Mouse Kills Tiger has created something just a little bit eerie. Light your votive candles, close the blinds, and give it a listen. - The FMLY


We've released one EP so far: "Music is the Weapon of the Children" and it came out late last year. So far it's been played on indie 103.1 out of LA and streams from a few online radio stations: Banana Peel Radio out of Vancouver and and indie 104 among others.



Mouse Kills Tiger was originally an accident. Jens Kuross, who had moved to LA to pursue a career as a jazz drummer ended up as the downstairs neighbor to Justin Deming who, after a tragic yawning accident that had forced him to put his career as a jazz saxophonist on hold, was dabbling in drum+bass programming. The two joined forces when Jens asked Justin if he would be interested in combining some drum+bass expertise with a couple of tunes that were gathering dust in the wake of one of Jens's failed singer/song-writer experiments. The result, a slightly headier, less cliche version of the Postal Service, was deemed "pretty neat-o" by the pair, given the moniker of "Mouse Kills Tiger", posted on myspace and left to rot. Until one day when Jens, under the impression that he was booking a gig for one of his jazz trios, accidentally booked a gig for Mouse Kills Tiger. In a panic the two wrote a gaggle of new songs, and threw a band together, enlisting the help of their friend, jazz drummer/DJ extraordinaire, Miles Senzaki for percussive and electronic effects duties. Much to their relief, the show was a huge success. Once again deemed as "neat-o", they decided to continue to perform in and around Los Angeles as well as record an EP in there living room. -all to much fanfare, as their EP, "Music is the Weapon of the Children" has been downloaded over 700 times to date and received international, critical acclaim.