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"City Pages, Best New Band 2007"


Winner: Mouthful of Bees

The power of great music often rests not with things as obvious as musical skill or crisp recordings, but rather with an ability to imply grandeur through sleight of hand. If Mouthful of Bees' debut album, The End, had been recorded a little better, if Katelyn Farstad's drumming were a little more tutored, if lead singer Chris Farstad's broken tenor were not half-drowned by cascades of overdrive—if the band were a little more polished, its music wouldn't be half as fascinating and seductive. You can hear the air in the room on quieter ballads like "Jessica," and you can feel it being vacuum-sucked out of the room by the towering intensity of "Under the Glacier." The album as a whole sounds like a staggering accident, fueled by adrenaline and heartbreak. But then chaos and happenstance were good enough to birth the universe, right? With a median age of 19—and a live show as explosive and shambolic as their record—Mouthful of Bees have already got what most bands never find: a conduit straight into the stuttering, bleeding heart of rock 'n' roll. - City Pages (Village Voice Media)

"Music for Robots"

It's too late for you, and it's too late for me
mouthful of bees

Are you still in your post-Thanksgiving haze? Have you been napping on the couch for the past 18 hours, half-listening to John Madden's jowly bark? Well snap out of it! I present to you: Mouthful of Bees.

Mouthful of Bees - The Now.

I think all us Robots have posted at one time or another about the thrill of hearing something great when it's least expected. We'll receive something in the mail that we've never heard of, and take a few minutes from our day to pop it in the player. Sometimes what comes out of the speakers is something thrilling and exciting.

That's what happened to me with Mouthful Of Bees. "The Now" is from their record The End, which is overall just a great piece of music. Their next one will be released on Afternoon Records. Afternoon is also the home to One For The Team, a great band I posted a while back, and One For The Team's frontman Ian Anderson is also Afternoon Records' frontman. (And not to embarrass the guy or anything, but click here to listen to a Minnesota Public Radio story about how Anderson somehow juggles college with helming a respected Minneapolis indie label and fronting an awesome rock band.)

Anyway, I don't know much about Mouthful Of Bees. I know they self-released The End a few months ago, and now they have distribution with Afternoon, so it's pretty great that the record will get some more attention now. I love this song, how it starts out with that riff and then dissolves into organized chaos. Gets me every time. And do yourself a favor, listen to their other tunes on MySpace, especially "Talking," which has another great guitar part to dance around to. - MFR Media


"The Now" - full length CD - Afternoon Records 2006



Minneapolis natives Mouthful of Bees formed in 2004 as just a brother-sister guitar-and-drummer duo (Chris and Kate), but eventually evolved into the full-sized band with the addition of Micky Alfano and Mark Ritsema (of Battle Royale).

In short, Mouthful of Bees play a composite of old-fashioned rock 'n roll and newly fangled indie-rock. Doused with reverb and healthily distorted guitars, the band is fronted with a solid background in riff-rock and what the record lacks in fidelity is made up by the band's youthful optimism and innovative songwriting.

With a voice reminiscent of the likes of Figure 8-era Elliot Smith and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Chris Farstad's angelic voice is eerily contagious and compelling. Set apart from other songwriters by his unique voice and intelligent approach to songwriting, Farstad is the best frontman out of Minneapolis you nearly never heard of.

Peaked at #38 on CMJ Charts April 06.

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