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Move Orchestra

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Electronic Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Premiere: Move Orchestra - 'Apex'"

If most songs, neatly packed into three or four minutes, are like short films, Move Orchestra’s debut is a movie. “Apex” is a mountain of a song, intricate, awe-inspiring, and towering with a mighty serenity. Musically, it sounds something like if Radiohead and Postal Service paired up to soundtrack a sunset. The dramatic build-up only makes the song’s retreat more powerful, and the final few seconds of near-silence are perhaps the most moving part of the entire song.

Move Orchestra is made up of three brothers from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and “Apex” is their debut song off their first EP, due out this summer. Keep up with them on their official website. - Pigeons and Planes

"Premiere: Move Orchestra 'Rupture'"

I'm currently sitting in Stockholm's Arlanda airport, staring out over the runway. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, and my brain is functioning rather slowly. #festivalproblems

Enter Move Orchestra, who's new minimal single "Rupture" sets the perfect tone. It builds slowly, filling my ears with more than eight minutes of auditory bliss - the perfect accompaniment for my traveling daze.

If you like the sound produced by the Arkansas trio of brothers, grab a copy of their EP here. - Indie Shuffle

"Move Orchestra skips along a water bed of piano chords on “Apex”"

The Brogan brothers are back under a new name. Formerly a progressive hardcore band (best genre twist I could think of) called PMToday, the trio of Arkansas brothers slashed away and shredded their skills on guitars and drums. It’s been five years since they’ve put out a project together (In Medias Res) and now they’re back as Move Orchestra and prepping an EP release for the summer. While they have teased us with some demos and snippets on Facebook and SoundCloud, this is the first time it can be said that there is a paved future for their new project.

“Apex” is the “debut” song from ambient-electronic trio Move Orchestra and it’s a meditative journey lined with soft piano chords and tripping percussion. Their music is roughly inspired by film and the large-yet-simple tones present grow larger from start to finish to wrap up like an epic. Connor’s soft, angelic voice leads into erupting synthesizers that buzz into a silent climax that leaves us lingering for the next installment.

Listen to “Apex” below and be on the lookout for their EP this summer: - Every Deja Vu

"Move Orchestra - Apex"

(translated from polish)

Three brothers from Fayetteville, the third largest city in the US state of Arkansas, have created a one day team. They called themselves the Move Orchestra. Today they presented their debut song, heralding the first EP. His title is Apex.
Piece develops quite slowly. Give him a chance and surprise you change tempo and climate. It sounds a bit like musical description of a place full of space and beautiful landscapes. Tension built up by successive layers of sounds like hand passes taken away when there's vocals. Perhaps rather mediocre, but here it fits perfectly.
Launch of the first EP Move Orchestra is scheduled for the coming weeks. The exact date, unfortunately, we do not know. - Brand New Anthem

"Move Orchestra Weekly Discover"

Move Orchestra is a trio of talented brothers straight from Arkansas. The first piece group made ​​it almost can not wait to debut EP. Connor Ryan and Cuinn Brogan previously created music from the genre of "progressive hardcore", in which it is difficult to believe, because Apex is the essence of ambient music. Such a return is nothing but a proof that it is worthwhile to go beyond your comfort zone and begin exploration. Brogan brothers served to moving piece, based on piano line, unquestionably the ruling track. Apex is a seven-minute story, which is a musical background for inspiring and guaranteeing peace of mind sunsets. It can not be avoided comparisons, because passing of harmonious peace uncontrolled rhythm synthesizer composition, reminiscent of designs created with laboratory precision by Jon Hopkins. In fact, the huge compliment.

Move more material Orchestra to showcase during the summer. The exact release date of their debut EP has not yet been notified. It remains only to wait, and I am convinced that our brothers from Arkansas even hear.

Listen Apex below, supplemented by video: - Ania Says

"Move Orchestra Interview"

Once upon a time, my playlists consisted of 95% rock from progressive metal to hardcore, screamo-type music. I never really knew what genre to place most of the music in, but that didn’t matter. Avenged Sevenfold, The Fall of Troy, Dance Gavin Dance, Protest The Hero; that type of stuff. My favorite band during that time though would have to go to pmtoday. Three brothers and a close friend as the bassist made the most technically interesting music (as a guitarist, their talent was something to envy) with vocal melodies and guitar riffs that burned my ears — in a good way.

Fast forward a few years after they dissolved out for a bit, and here they are as Move Orchestra. A whole different face to the brothers not to be associated with their past.Their familiar chemistry is back at works making music that’s a blend of indie rock, trip-hop and electronic. EP1 could be a movie score as each song is its own ballad to a beautiful visual.

I got a chance to invite the Brogan brothers to a Google Drive to exchange words on EP1, their songwriting techniques and more. Enjoy the read and check out EP1 if you haven’t yet.

You just released EP1, which is your first completed body of work as Move Orchestra. How does it feel?

EP1 is a stepping stone to a larger idea. If anything it was relieving to release some music that wasn’t a demo. It felt like the beginning.

How did you guys get into music and playing instruments?

Our dad forced guitar lessons on us when were 12 or 13. It took us a bit to actually gain interests in our instruments and music in general, but naturally it came. We started listening to a lot of rock bands then decided we wanted to play in one. Then we gave up our instruments and started learning the computer. We still play, but a lot of our interests are focused on composing.

What program(s) and equipment do you guys use to make your music?

We use Logic and Ableton to record everything, but eventually the tracks are mixed and rendered through Ableton only. We try to balance the use of hardware and software instruments so everything doesn’t come out sounding lifeless.

One of my favorite parts of your music is the drums. They’re bubbly, while being rapid inside of ambient, soft soundscapes and it’s oddly complementing. What do you use and how do you tackle the percussion?

Thanks man. Most of the drums on this EP are found sounds we recorded in our apartment. Some are glitches made from electronics. Some are just samples I found in Ableton that I then processed.

Percussion is getting more difficult per new song. Very often I don’t hear any sort of drum at all these days. It was a lot easier to write on a drum kit back in the day because all I would focus on was trying to play a really cool beat. Now I’m focusing on what fits the atmosphere of the music the most.

Do you feel like you’ve always had some advantageous chemistry being brothers?

I feel like there may be a slight advantage to being brothers. The main one being that we all live in the same place. Also we have similar tastes in music, movies and food. I think that’s good.

What would be the ideal concert, movie and restaurant for the Brogan brothers?

Well a few weeks ago, we all went to see a Beethoven concert. I believe the last movie we all watched together was Interstellar in 2014 and just yesterday we were discussing how we wanted a restaurant to open here that only specializes in vegan pizza. So maybe something around that for now.

How did Move Orchestra form and what influenced the change of sound from pmtoday to Move Orchestra?

We formed Move Orchestra because we wanted to do other things with music. The sound is different because we just naturally evolved as writers. Everyone’s music should be evolving.

Do you believe it evolved based on new music you discovered or began to appreciate or because of life experience? Or both? What are your current favorite bands and artists that you are currently drawing influence from?

Both. It’s something natural that happens in life unless you’re just sitting in a room all day doing nothing. It’s inevitable. We’re always listening to different stuff. Right now, I’m listening to Gyorgy Ligeti. I think Cuinn is really into John Luther Adams right now and Ryan was listening to the Interstellar soundtrack yesterday.

You guys released your last album as pmtoday (In Medias Res) in April 2010 and didn’t release a song as Move Orchestra until September 2013 (to my knowledge). Was this a break from music or a long transition? What was the difference in scenes from being signed under Rise Records to where you are now?

We try to avoid creating any sort of relation between “move” and “pmtoday” because it tends to draw expectations from people. You could say it was break and a transition. We never stopped playing music during our absence from the public, but it was emotionally relieving to be away from that narrow point of view. We spent a lot of time learning different ways to approach music and composition so that was nice. The only real connection between the two groups is that we are physically the same people. Mentally, we are nowhere close to that time in our lives.

I’m not sure how to compare scenes because I don’t really understand what scene we’re in now. People dress differently? Haha, I don’t know. I didn’t understand the scene then either.

The structure of the tracks on EP1 is unique. The four tracks often feel like ballads or scores for movies. Can you describe what inspired this and the songwriting process behind it?

Each track was written alongside a visual, so that’s probably why. For us we found that it helped in creating the arch of the piece. Also it helps point out faults or anything that could disrupt the flow of the music.

When you say visual are you talking movies, pictures or does this vary per track?

It’s usually referring to a video of some sort. Lots of movies. Some youtube clips of dances or ballets. Each track on the EP was written alongside a different ‘moving’ visual. Still pictures have often inspired us to write a piece of music that conveys a similar emotion. We’ve never actually written a piece of music to a specific photograph though.

Does the visual come first or does one of you bring a melody or a base for the song first?

That varies. More often it’s the music that comes first, but there are some pieces that the visual initiated. Apex is one example. It was a completely different piece of work until we had to score this wedding video. We used the original chord progression but slowed the changes down and simplified the melody line using a single piano because of the dynamic with the visual. In the end it created a much better version.

How does creating music based off a wedding video tie into the “Apex” visuals with the ocean shot — which is also the project cover? Will there be other videos for the other tracks?

Well the visuals for Apex have nothing to do with the wedding video. I was just saying that scoring a wedding video forced us to write differently.

The project’s cover actually came first, and was an idea Cuinn had. The idea was to transform something we thought of as ugly or unappealing and make it appear… not that way. For the video, we wanted to show slow change. There’s something really interesting to me about watching an event gradually unfold at a very slow pace.

We are hoping to get something together for ‘Rupture’ but nothing concrete yet.

What’s next for you guys?

Right now we are finishing up some promotional things for EP1 and beginning the writing process for our first LP. We are hoping to document the process somehow.

I see that EP1 is now for sale physically and comes with Polaroid shots. Are these short glimpses of documenting the process?

You could say that. We thought about doing something similar with the recording and writing of this next material, but we don’t want to do the same thing over and over. We talked about doing live updates on our website every week. Not sure how that will go.

Any final comments?

Just want to thank the people who actually care about what we’re doing with music. It’s cool to know that we’re not alone in this project. - Every Deja Vu

"Listen to Move Orchestra's 'Rupture' and download 'Ep1'"

After venturing us through an ocean of sounds on their first single, “Apex,” back in May, Move Orchestra has now released its housing project, EP1. Although it’s only four tracks, the project spans about 30 minutes. The second single was released a couple days before via Indie Shuffle called “Rupture,” and it just like “Apex,” its long path is minimal but very defining to the Arkansas trio’s sound.

“Rupture” is compared to the likes of Thom Yorke and Jon Hopkins for its experimental and electronic elements. But there’s an extra element of trip-hop in the percussion that sounds like the work of Bonobo. The trickling, glitchy drums hop around “Rupture” like an in-sync child’s toy (the one that’s like a lawnmower that has all the different color balls jumping around) over the minimal, soft chords played in the background. Connor continues his angelic, soft hums over this luscious soundscape, but as the song builds into the climax, he hits those stressed-but-subtle high notes for the perfect cherry-on-top harmonies.

It’s only 5 dollars for EP1 on iTunes. That’s 30 minutes of music. It’s simple math. Get a copy! - Every Deja Vu

"Best Songs of 2015 (so far)"

Move Orchestra - "Apex"
If there's one song on this list that that can swing between the poles of tranquility and exhilaration, it's Move Orchestra's "Apex." The debut single from the Arkansas band goes through a complete transformation over the course of the track's seven minutes. In a soundscape that often panders to the public's dwindling attention span, "Apex" is an uncompromising force.—Legend - Pigeons and Planes

"NEW | Move Orchestra - 'Apex'"

Move Orchestra's 'Apex' is most definitely the best piece of music you're going to hear today. Swathed in sustained piano, the track opens up with the calm - maybe even clinical - ambience of many of Jon Hopkins' songs before spiralling out of control and into a wayward synth drum section reminiscent of Thom Yorke's solo efforts. Ben Gibbard comes to mind vocally, too. But hey, those reference points aren't desperately needed. Let the three brothers from Fayetteville, Arkansas and their organ do the talking.
Listen below, and check out the accompanied visuals whilst you're at it too. 'Apex' is the first track from Move Orchestra's debut EP, so follow 'em on Facebook here to keep updated. - The Chairman of the Board

"Best Songs of the Month"

Move Orchestra - "Apex"
This band is fantastic. I already attempted to describe "Apex" once and I feel like trying again would be futile, so just trust me on this one. Move Orchestra is a trio of brothers from Arkansas and their debut single "Apex" is one of the best songs of the year. It's over seven minutes long and this is intimidating, but just invest in this song, and if you don't fuck with it, never listen to me again.—Confusion - Pigeons and Planes

"Best Songs of the Week"

This band is fantastic. I already attempted to describe "Apex" once and I feel like trying again would be futile, so just trust me on this one. Move Orchestra is a trio of brothers from Arkansas and their debut single "Apex" is one of the best songs of the year. It's over seven minutes long and this is intimidating, but just invest in this song, and if you don't fuck with it, never listen to me again.—Confusion - Pigeons and Planes


Consisting of three members (the Brogan brothers: Connor, Cuinn and Ryan Brogan) from the beloved progressive/post-hardcore band pmtoday, a now-defunct band that released one of the genre’s greatest achievements (2010’s ‘In Medias Res’) in the last five years, experimental act Move Orchestra had lots of expectations to live up to, fortunately, the first move demos ‘M o o n’, ‘P a t t e r n’ and ‘I m p u l s e’ absolutely knew how to gorge the listeners’ ears with excellence and an exciting new concept that combines mysterious, ambiguous visuals with a grand array of moods and organic-sounding, rich experimentation that borrows from several different sound palettes –it’s hard to label them anything in specific; whether if it’s a simple tag like ‘electronic’ or ‘alternative’, none of these really fit move– but one thing’s for sure, these guys live entirely for their music, these guys put a lot of effort and thought to create their ingenious concept. So, take all of your time and space to discover Move Orchestra’s gorgeous vision – a style based on the risks of forward-thriving, unique emotion; in order to create and stay sane.

As absolute supporters of everything that is fresh, exciting and unique in music, the Stay-tuned team is extremely proud to premiere Move Orchestra’s fantastic new single, entitled ‘A P E X’ and taken from their debut EP, on our website as a European exclusive!

The video will also be up for three days (19th - 21st May) on our main page, so make sure to see/hear it and to share it as much as you possibly can. Give this amazing new band all the love that they deserve!

Their debut EP will be out sometime in June.

_keep an eye on this, more special stuff coming:june_ - Stay Tuned Interviews

"[Streaming]: Move Orchestra - "Apex""

(translated from Italian)

Move Orchestra is a trio of brothers from the United States; not only music but it is also a visual project. " Apex "is the debut song that highlights the different layers of their music: the departure Şoava electronics that creeps, the falsetto that comes and still fragmented rhythm. - See more at: - Son of Marketing

"introducing :: Move Orchestra"

Hailing from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Move Orchestra is a 3 piece band of brothers, who make music based on film. “Apex” is the “debut” track from the group, and if you’re a fan of ambient-electronic music, you’re definitely going to want to pay attention here. Take a listen to the stunning piece below, and be on the lookout for their debut EP coming soon. - All Tomorrow Music

"Move Orchestra - Apex"

(translated from spanish)

The debut of Move Orchestra , a band composed of three brothers from Arkansas, called Apex and is eerily similar to a mixture in equal installments of Radiohead and The Postal Service. The issue begins with a lethargy that gradually grows in intensity and balance, to exploit the return to calm. It is the loop of life in song.

For more information, go to the web link . - ielo

"Move Orchestra - Apex"

They are the new group of the day, called Move Orchestra and with their track "Apex" were able to kidnap you so much that you do not even want to ask the ransom because there is no need. 7 minutes of music flavor universal, electronic, for the environment but also massive and thick to go to the point. It is a beautiful experience, and they can make you a better day. - Collective HMCF

"tinybitchtape vol31"

7. Move Orchestra, "Apex" // Oh, my, holy, Jesus, holy fucking ghost. I listened to this for the first time walking across the park, a black night, the light from the monument throwing odd shadows, and my chest kept tightening with the ineluctable emo sublime—it's a phenomenal debut track from these three brothers from Arkansas, all that purling entropy recalling 65 Days of Static, Radiohead, Dntel, Sigur Ros. - Tiny Letter


Ep1 - 8/2/2015