Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers


Movers & Shakers are a soul band, a folk band, a country band and a punk band.


Movers & Shakers are a four piece rock and roll band. Growing up on a healthy mix of Bruce Springsteen and The Clash, the boys play a sort of twangy rock reminiscent of The Replacements. In 2007 they put out a 7" record with Boston's Clubhouse Records, also home to The Serious Geniuses (recently signed to Kiss Of Death Records) and Mean Creek.

Having spent the last year playing every venue in Boston from The Middle East to shitty basements in Allston, this summer found them in a cabin in the desolate woods of Maine. Six days and more than 300 beers later, the boys had recorded the core of their first full length record.


Debut Full-Length Coming Soon...
'La Calavera' 7" - Clubhouse Records