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Introducing the dynamic trio, Movement of Truth! (“MOT”), the young, energetic and highly innovative group consisting of members Spazzy Rocket!, Elhae and L9:Two3rd. We are inspired by space, orchestras and rock bands. We are hip hop, we are music!


Introducing the dynamic trio, Movement of Truth! (“MOT”), the young, energetic and highly innovative group consisting of members Spazzy Rocket! (Xavier Adams), Elhae (Jamaal Jones) and L9:Two3rd (Marc Freeman). MOT made their way onto theHhip Hop scene at the age of 14, first showcasing their talent at a youth event hosted by their church. Performing a spiritual rap song, "Step Your Game Up,” the group garnered their first stable of loyal fans. More importantly, this performance ignited something unutterable in the group, and "Movement of Truth! was born.
MOT’s members, all devoted Christians and congregants of Christian Fellowship Church in Warner Robbins, GA came together from different military backgrounds. Spazzy Rocket, a native of Waldorf Maryland is a singer and producer. He credits his creative and distinctive sound to the go-go movement in the DC Metro area. Elhae (Every life has an ending) is the triple threat of the group, showcasing his talents as a singer, rapper and producer. The Georgia native is credited for his production contribution to the group’s unique sound. Elhae explains, "I find inspiration in the simplest things, and that is why our music is so innovative and irregular". L9:Two3rd (Luke 9 verse 23) is the primary rapper in the group. Indigenous to Cleveland, Ohio L9:Two3rd is a very intricate lyricist. His ability to write very precise, lyrical, heartfelt songs and deliver them with such a finite thought process allows the listener to literally see the songs as he paints pictures with words.
Since they began recording and performing at 14, MOT has managed to create a strong buzz for themselves. Performing at numerous churches and venues in the southern Georgia and Florida regions, the group has seized the opportunity to develop their ground-breaking sound and message. MOT is currently in the studio working on their debut album entitled “Hollywood Heartbreak. “
They’ve been called “hipsters” based on their unique style and appeal, but Movement of Truth is determined to prove otherwise. "We don't continue to make music as it is, we make music as it should be". Their sound is inspired by space, orchestras and rock bands. "If the song is real, then so are the emotions put into it, which fuel the emotions that come from it. We are Christians, we are hip hop, we are music!"


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Set List

Our typical set starts out with a theatrical intrucduction, then we would start out the show with song, Time of my Life, which has a high energetic that gets the crowd going. We keep the energy up with "out the box" and then slow it down for the ladies. We then going into a cover song our a freestyle interlude with audience participation, then close out with livin in space.