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Shaker music is for the saints who are not caught up in their problems, but into, enjoying life. Music for our parties, the road, and to vibe to; Real Music full of Word, not focusing on sin or mistakes, but celebrating the fact of, THIS IS WHO WE ARE, AND WE LOVE BEING US! CHRIST-ians!


Our Genesis Chapter 1
Power of God Deliverance Church Ministries International (P.O.G.) is our birth place. God, our father says, we should not be conformed to this world , but we will conform the world to us, the living epistles of Jesus Christ.

Ministerial Statement!!!
We Move and Shake until the world's will is broken; music, as we know it, is broken; dance, as we know it, is broken; tradition, as we know it, is broken; and mentalities, as we know them, are broken! We will give the people of God a reason to enjoy life again, through music. We will empower believers with Self-Esteem; showing them that they are unstoppable!!!

Lazarus aka Laz/ Catch Phrases: Uh-huh, Let's go! Cause He Is God, So God, And I'm God Like
Wendell Towe aka Laz, from Portsmouth, VA, later landed in Lynchburg, after P.O.G. moved him there for spiritual growth. Laz became knowledgable of his hip-hop skills in the 11th grade, where he began to evolve into a force to be reckoned with. Under the teaching of Pastors Kelso and Jackie Clark mixed with pure ability, Laz is one of the rare talents of the world, that's just now, breaking the surface. "Cause He Is God, So God, And I'm God Like" is one of his famous quotes. Laz's content is a mixture of the Word and the streets, with out-of-this-world punchlines. He is the visionary, along with his wife, LaJuan, of Movers and Shakers. "Music is not entertainment anymore... Our goal is to make it

LaJuan Towe, an awesome Woman of God, from Lynchburg, VA, is the wife of Laz. LaJuan is one of the Choreographers and the spiritual insight of the Shakers. She says, "I'm here to push the vision of Laz and to push everyone to their maximum physical abilities".

Tina Marie Clark, from Phoenix, VA, is a 24 year old model and the Shakers' photographer and Dancer. Tina currently majors in Broadcasting Journalism, while sharpening her Marketing and Public Relation skills.

J. Jarrel, from Lynchburg, VA has lived there all his life. J says he's a living threat to the enemy through song, dance, mime or whatever!! J has been doing this here, for a while.

Morgan Mosby is from Lynchburg, VA. She says that when Movers & Shakers was brought to her attention, right then, she knew it was for her. Dancing is Morgan's thing and she loves it!! It's not just a hobby to her, it's ministry. Morgan wants God to use her, to show everybody that you can give God glory by jamming or krumping and still keep it Christian-Like.

Frederick Pennix aka Praiser the Showoff Worshipper from Lynchburg, VA, started dancing before walking. Fred has had several near death experiences. At the age of 21, Fred was thrown out a car window during a wreck. He suffered from blindness, punctured lung, spine dislocation, and his ear had been cut off as well as tangled intestines 14 times. God has healed him totally. How the Worshipper walks is one thing... but to see him dance is another!!!

Kinnadi Thomas is from Lynchburg Va. She is a Shaker indeed. Kinnadi step says, "The group brings light, everywhere they go!". She loves to dance for the Lord and see people saved through her ministry. All eyes are usually on her.

Josh Thomas aka J Melody the Movement is from Lynchburg, VA. J Melody taught himself how to make music. He is unique in every way. J, just sitting at a drum set for the first time, sounded like a professional. He is the propelling force behind the Shakers, with awesome beat making abilities. J doesn't read music, he just pours out onto the track, and our guess is that, somehow he makes the music read him. Melody says, " I'm inspired to make music because of the simple fact, I really can".

Tramaine Towe aka PeaceMaker is from Portsmouth, VA. PeaceMaker is seeking to become God's Word on this earth. She's a MOVER and SHAKER for the Kingdom (System) of GOD! She says, "My soul purpose is to Glorify GOD". PeaceMaker says the SHAKER'S are Radical, Hype, and Diligent Mind Elevators, seeking deliverance for GOD's people. Lastly, She is the energy of the group; Making it Hype!!

Lynchburg is the melting pot and home of the Shakers!!


Arise & Go!!
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Lazarus- Risen from the Dead Vol. 1
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