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"The Pitt News"

Rocks Like: Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind
Trying to meld two different musical styles together to form one unique sound is kind of like throwing darts blindfolded: Sometimes you don’t even hit the board, and every once in a great while you hit the little red bull’s-eye. The new release from the Lancaster-based band Movies with Heroes is very much the latter.
Blending the mellow sounds of indie-rock with the more familiar melodies of pop-rock, Nothing Here is Perfect manages to deliver on two fronts. The album appeases those who appreciate the fragile sounds of indie-rock as well as those who crave the harder rock ‘n’ roll edge.
Opening Nothing is the driving rock anthem “Wake Up.” Lead singer Keith Wilson leads a furious romp through the pain and struggles of the band in recent years: “Wake up, wake up, this is what you want. Stand up, stand up, no you’re not alone.” Ferocious drums and guitar accompany Wilson’s often angst-filled voice. “Wake Up” provides an almost perfect opening to Nothing, and a smooth transition into the rest of the album’s material.
The album’s second track, “Ink,” showcases the band’s softer material and is a sharp contrast to the opening track. With mellow vocals and melodic drum and guitar parts, it is the indie-rock sound which shines through during this song. There is not much variation of the lyrics, with most of them being the repetition of the phrase “Over and over again.”
Almost unquestionably, the strongest song on Nothing is the album’s third track, “Wildflower.” A seamless blend of the two prevailing musical styles, it showcases both Wilson’s easy and melodic vocals and the driving rock instrumentals provided by drummer Jeremy Bentley and guitarist Patrick Kirchner. Bentley and Kirchner never overpower the song, knowing when to fade to the background and when the song necessitates a drum and guitar power solo.
For the five members of Movies With Heroes, the release of Nothing Here is Perfect is the culmination of years of hardship, disappointment and eventual success. After five years of struggling to get beyond the confines of their rural Pennsylvania birthplace, the release of their national debut in partnership with CI Records is the ultimate success.
Perhaps the most unique song on Nothing is the album’s seventh track, “The Wave.” Held together by a combination of piano/keyboard, drums and pulsing guitar, the song functions as a bring-down of sorts after the rock-laden first half of the album. The focus of the track is the vocals, with a sort of chorus-style background accompanying Wilson’s wailing and often pleading vocals. While the song starts off on a harder edge, it slows down by the middle and is noticeably softer at the end.
Continuing the soft rock theme is the oddly titled eighth track, “Moth and Dust.” Soft chiming bells and barely audible drums highlight the simple, clean guitar melodies which make up most of the song. Wilson’s vocals are extremely soft and mellow, rarely rising above a normal volume.
Closing Nothing is the intimate track “Miracle Drug.” Consisting of Wilson — and occasionally a chorus of all five band mates — singing along to an acoustic guitar, the song is a total break from the sounds of the rest of the album. The lyrics are powerful and deep, with Wilson singing, “I need a miracle drug to save me, to keep me awake. I need a miracle drug to save me, if you don’t know how to start, then just throw your hands up, you’re only breaking your heart.”
At times hard rocking and at others mellow and intimate, Nothing Here is Perfect succeeds in combining the different elements into a thoroughly enjoyable listen.
- The Pitt News

"All Ages Zine"

Right from the beginning of the album when the keys kicked in, I was
reminded a whole lot of Reggie and The Full Effect so it came as no
surprise to learn that Movies With Heroes worked with Ed Rose who mixed
albums for Reggie and the Get Up Kids. What I really liked the most about
this album is that when you look past the keys, which are not very
prominent as the album wears on, you get a voice that wraps itself around
you and pulls you into this album. There is certainly an influence of The
Cure that shines through in the voice, but at times with the music the
way it is (emo/alternative) I am reminded more of someone like Action
Action. Overall this grabs every aspect of the few genres mentioned
above and combines them beautifully to create a wonderful album. There is
not a bad song on here. I can’t wait to see what this band can
accomplish behind an album as strong as this one. A must have for anyone that
dares to say they like rock music. (JK)
- All Ages Zine

"Nothing Here is Almost Perfect"

It is hard sometimes to group a band into a certain category. This is
the case with Movies with Heroes, whose debut album is "Nothing Here is
Perfect." Movies with Heroes has been a member of the independent rock
scene for five years now and have performed with the likes of Dashboard
Confessional, Cursive and Coheed and Cambria. After years of touring
and self-released records, Movies with Heroes finally is given the chance
to shine on the national level with "Nothing Here is Perfect," which is
a hard album to describe musically.

Perhaps if you took one part emo music, one part alternative rock,
threw in some U2 and a pinch of punk into a blender with The Cure you would
get Movies with Heroes. Their music seems to combine all of these
influences into their own unique sound. Frontman Keith Wilson's vocals are
amazingly reminiscent of Robert Smith of The Cure while the songs
themselves on "Nothing Here is Perfect" fluctuate from punk rock anthem to
coming of age pop songs. The album itself is as varied as the influences
on the band which leads to a creative and enjoyable debut album.

The first track of "Nothing Here is Perfect" is "Wake Up," which at
first sounds like synthesizer music but then transforms into a fist
pounding march for anxious youth. With a verse like "is this your voice are
these your hands / raise it up make a fist take a stand," Movies with
Heroes immediately delivers a wallop with their first track. However,
this is just the beginning on what becomes a roller coaster ride of an

The song "Wildflower" is one that sounds as if it would wind up on a
soundtrack for Fox's "The O.C." or a teen movie about the eccentric,
free-spirited girl coming of age. Regardless if that is not your cup of
tea, "Wildflower" is a catchy tune that combines a pop beat, electric
guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics. "You're a wildflower / this is your
hour you know / so strong go on now." Because of the diversity of this
song, "Wildflower" is one of the best songs on the album.

Other songs on the album, such as "Mouth and Rust" and "Miracle Drug,"
sound heavily influenced by the band Dashboard Confessional. For any
Dashboard Confessional fan, Movies with Heroes is right up your alley.
The vocal styling at times is very similar to Dashboard Confessional
while at the same time Movies with Heroes does not come of as a duplicate.
While the track immediately following "Mouth and Rust" sounds inspired
by the Lost Prophet's "Last Train Home" it is also distinctively unique
and strictly Movies with Heroes.

What is interesting about the album is that no two tracks are overly
similar. While the first track is a punk rockers anthem there is no other
song like that on the album, likewise with "Wild Flower." Instead the
album delivers us a variety of music that while seemingly from different
roots in the music world becomes the unique style of Movies with Heroes
- a style that blends, mixes, shakes and stirs all kinds of genres into
a distinctive sound that is fresh.

"Nothing Here is Perfect" is a very good debut album. The one complaint
about it is short running time. "Nothing is Perfect" runs a little over
a half hour, which is a shame considering the quality that is on the
album. Movies with Heroes delivers exciting and thought provoking songs
inspired by a plethora of bands and genres. Other than the short running
time, their debut album is an excellent one. "Nothing Here is Perfect"
hopefully is a sign of things to come from the band, and while they are
relatively unknown now, with this release Movies with Heroes could
easily become a household name.
- Daily Campus

"Album Review Highlights"

Here are what some websites and magazines have said about Movies With Heroes national debut album, Nothing Here is Perfect:

"While they may not currently be the “it” band of the moment, they should be, and that moment should last for an incredibly long time."

"With the release of Nothing Here is Perfect Movies with Heroes could easily become a household name."

"Movies With Heroes, much like Jimmy Eat World, and Acceptance, have the ability to write pop hooks that are bigger than you might be able to handle." -Wrankmusic

"There is not a bad song on here. I can’t wait to see what this band can accomplish behind an album as strong as this one. A must-have for anyone that dares to say they like rock music."

"This album makes you want to go out with your friends, have some drinks, turn up the radio and drive fast. 'Nothing' is a single that could be playing on the radio today."

"Movies With Heroes is a brilliantly accomplished band writing smart, catchy songs that remain eminently listenable. We're talking major chords, big hooks, clever melodies and sparkling arrangements that can only be made by musicians with a true gift."
-Fly Magazine

"Really, really good. My favorite is 'Wake Up'; it sounds like a grittier version of an early Cure song."
-Go! Magazine

"The anthemic songs on the new release are shot full of rock, yet still catchy enough to be categorized as pop."
-South Bend Tribune

"Unbelievable. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys to quite possibly become the next Fall Out Boy."
-Entertainment World

"One of the most exciting and honest bands recording today. This album is a must-have to anyone who calls themselves a fan of true rock."
-Aced Magazine

"Nothing Here Is Perfect is a flat-out great album. Not just occasionally, but just about every song features a memorable, singable, enjoyable, eye-opening chorus."

"Nothing Here Is Perfect is strong from start to finish, with amazing musicianship, rivaling anyone else who has ever played melodic rock and roll."
-Indie Vision Music

"A thoroughly enjoyable listen ... the album appeases those who appreciate the fragile sounds of indie rock as well as those who crave the harder rock and roll edge."
-The Pitt News

"The songs are so well-written, it doesn't matter what genre of music you appreciate. The melodies are catchy, the harmonies are about as perfect as you can get. Co-vocalists Keith Wilson and Jeff Royer are, and this is not an exaggeration, two of the best in all of rock today."
-Impose Magazine
- Movies With Heroes

"Alternative Press album review"

(April 2006)

4 out of 5 rating

They describe themselves as a "working class coldplay" but unlike those stadium-packers, Movies With Heroes write their synth-accented, big chorused pop-rock anthems with a sense of urgency one only gets from having a foot in punk rock.

At once delicate and aggressive, uplifting and totally depressing, Nothing Here is Perfect changes moods like the Warped Tour changes headliners. Incidentally, we see no reason why MWH shouldn't be ruling Warped nation in a few years-unless U2 hires 'em to open first.
- Alternative Press

"Album Review"

Movies with Heroes have every single work that Morrissey ever penned. They write anthems that are choked with melody and post-punk nasal vocals that will remind you of a good mashing of Cursive, The Cure, and Jimmy Eat World. Having shared the stage with the likes of Coheed and Cambria, the Promise Ring, Engine Down, Dashboard Confessional, Allister, Denali, the Movielife, and the Julianna Theory among many many other talented bands, this isn’t one of those bands that just decided to spring up and cash in on the sound of “now”. And while they may not currently be the “it” band of the moment, they should be, and damn if that moment should last for an incredibly long time. The album was mixed by the talented ears of Ed Rose whose resume reads like a laundry list of emo and punk bands: Brandston, Spitalfield, Reggie and the Full Effect, the Get-Up Kids, and Motion City Soundtrack. If you’re looking for a band whose main emphasis is on melody and employs synth pop and emotional rock to get you there, then I highly recommend Movies with Heroes. -


The Slate (ep) - 2001

Movies With Heroes/In Clover split (ep) - 2002
Theory 8 Records

Years (collection of old and new tracks) (lp) - 2003
Urban Achiever Records

Nothing Here is Perfect (lp) - release date 3/28/06
CI Records (shrink wrapped copies will be available by 3/3/06 but do not hit stores until release date)

tracks currently available to stream at


Feeling a bit camera shy


As the old cliché goes, there are two sides to every story, and the music of Lancaster PA’s MOVIES WITH HEROES is no exception.

For MOVIES, five years of indie-touring, self-released records, and uncompromising live shows culminate with the release of their national debut, Nothing Here is Perfect, followed up by a very successful European tour covering 10 countries in support of Fields Forever (featuring Jon Bunch of Sense Field and Further Seems Forever). The album, an overpowering blend of the ferocious and the fragile, manages to deliver on two fronts, simultaneously rocking both melodically and methodically.

On one hand, you have the cerebral lyrics, the delicately deliberate arrangements, and the intricately structured melodies. It’s music from the brain, plotted-out with the uncanny precision.

On the other hand, you have the sound of something visceral and fierce. This is the sound of five grown men going for broke. The sound of five lifetimes worth of passion being distilled into a single powerful presentation. It’s music from the heart, brimming over with sincerity and ardor.

Produced and recorded by the members of MOVIES WITH HEROES and mixed by Ed Rose (THE GET UP KIDS, REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT), Nothing Here Is Perfect is a kaleidoscopic romp through the annals of arena rock. From the riotous march of “Wake Up” to the black-and-blue groove of “Nothing” to the anthemic pop of “Wildflower,” the band shows in the full spectrum of colors how years of struggle, sacrifice and angst can blossom into a sound full of purpose and drive.

Since solidifying in 2000, the band has shared stages across the US, Canada, and Europe with the likes of COHEED AND CAMBRIA, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, CURSIVE, THE PROMISE RING, RAINER MARIA, and more. Now in partnership with CI Records, MOVIES WITH HEROES is poised to make an impact on a national front as one of the most excitingly honest and emotive bands to emerge from the independent music scene.

Like a working class COLDPLAY, or the FOO FIGHTERS with a doctorate, MOVIES WITH HEROES walks a fine line between the two sides of their story, finding something beautiful in the delicate, albeit tense, balance between them.