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"Moving Atlas live review: Graham Central Station (Plaza) Odessa,TX Sat. June 21st"

Live Review (Graham Central Station-Odessa,TX) Sat.June21st
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Moving Atlas Live @ Graham's Central Station (Odessa,TX) June 21, 2008---Bogart's Review

Clutch. King's X. Rush. Tool. Led Zeppelin. What do these bands have in common? The one thing that comes to my mind is that they sound like no other. Oh, these particular bands have their influences, but as they evolutionized they morphed into something that no other band could duplicate, and cover bands tend to stray away. Enter Moving Atlas. This band hailing from Dallas, TX. has been leaving their musical stamp all over this great state. In my opinion, they have joined the ranks, or will by the time I'm done writing this, of those aforementioned bands. Ok, so not in their fame and recognition...for that, give it some time. I'm talking about their presence, their style, their passion, their originality, their triumph over tragedy, and their willingness to play and exert themselves until dehydration mode. All of Moving Atlas' quintuplets have been influenced by other musicians, of course, we all have. But what is separating them from the rest of all these new bands emerging is that they have not compromised their heart for the proverbial easy ride. Look. I'm not saying I don't respect other musicians and their product. It's just that you can rip their heads off and interchange them. It's all cut from the same mold. I will probably offend here, but, what do Nickleback, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Three Doors Down, Hinder, and Buckcherry have in common? Sh*t. All of it. Not only those bands, I can name others. I just want to keep my food down. Moving Atlas transcends into fresher territory. Complex compositions with memorable hooks, yet not compromising their tinge of insanity. Dunagin weaves a story with each output. The band is not only an audio bombast of musical excellence, but they are also visually captivating. After their set was over I was sadly disappointed they had to get off the stage. You see, music = life. I was enveloped by Moving Atlas' music. I lived. I felt things thru the music pounding thru me. Isn't that what music is? The power to soothe you, sadden you, make you joyful, help you remember, make you forget, and the ability to take you to a different time and place. I experienced all these things in what lasted about an hour and a half. Do not miss the chance to catch this powerful musical entity at what they do best. Live and loud, passionate and sorrowful, captivating and mesmerizing. No cover charge could ever buy that. Never.

Jesse (The Bogart) Contreras
June 22, 2008

- Jesse (The Bogart) Contreras

"Local Tracks: Moving Atlas' new album"

Local Tracks: Moving Atlas' new album

11:49 AM CDT on Wednesday, June 25, 2008
By HUNTER HAUK / Staff Writer

First impressions of area album releases Artist: Moving Atlas, a KDGE-friendly band from Dallas.

CD: The Elephant Gun EP.

Details: This is the band's first release since full-length debut Et Al in 2006.

How it sounds: These dudes obviously love the modern-rock styles of Incubus, Tool and System of a Down. You can tell from the songs on this EP that they're trying hard to attain the popularity of those bands without completely copying them (and that's good). There are a few solid original songs here, and singer Dunagin Gaines' emotive vocals help a WTF cover of Sade's "No Ordinary Love" sound surprisingly not-crappy.

Best enjoyed while: Getting your mood-altering drug prescriptions filled, seducing a rock chick or [groan alert] moving your atlases from one bookshelf to another.

Key tracks: Opening track "Parachute," "Elephant Gun" and "How We're Infected" are scream-a-licious enough to please your scary little brother with the black fingernails, yet pop-radio-ready enough for closet Daughtry fans (we know who we are). But "No Ordinary Love" has the best chance of putting Moving Atlas on the charts.

Buy it: On iTunes or at the band's Web site, movingatlas.

Hunter Hauk

Want your CD reviewed? Send it to Quick, Local Tracks, 508 Young St., Dallas, TX 75202.
- HUNTER HAUK / Staff Writer (QuickDFW)

"Elephant Gun review"

Music has a lot of faces. Common. Less traveled, Maybe even a hint of fear. Fear of getting it right. If that would be the case I can promise you Moving Atlas doesn't share that fear because they seem too be busy getting it right. One of the pitfalls may young bands have is simply doing the same thing over and over again to where if there wasn't a space between the songs, you'd not be sure there was even a change. However, Moving Atlas can change it up and get your attention. While The Elephant Gun is just a 5 song EP, it already shows a mix of maturity and experience that all successful bands will have to figure out, and they definately have!
Parachute brings it hard and heavy with driving guitars that establish the tone early on. If you're a Nintendo fan, you'll also hear this song in a Wii game coming out this fall. Stay tunes to their RenegadeNetwork site for details and updates!
The title track, Elephant Gun shows the same "mixing it up" in the song itself as it starts out hard also, but softens up and changes the pace to take you on a musical ride of energy and thought in just the span of 3 minutes and 47 seconds.
How We're Infected and No Ordinary Love are the slower pieces on this release and Year of the Rat may fool you, but they get their screaming in before it's all said and done.
The band is comprised of Dunagin on vocals, Ricky and Ben on guitar, Geoff on bass and Ross with his killer dreads on drums.
Moving Atlas, like many local indie bands in Dallas, are helping to keep a slow scene alive. With efforts such as The Elephant Gun perhaps people will start coming back for the music because with Moving Atlas, the music is good! Check them out on Renegade Network and of course, LIVE when you get the chance!
Iceberg w/ - Iceberg (

"Loud & Local by Kelly Rush"

Last week in Loud & Local, I introduced you to Texas natives Moving Atlas. After being so impressed by their recordings, I couldn’t wait to see them live. I got the opportunity to do just that this past Saturday at a venue here in Dallas called Carson’s Live, and once again I had my socks knocked off by this talented quintet.
Their set kicked into high gear from the first note of fan favorite “Parachute,” and did not stop until the last strains a brief 40 minutes later. My only complaint is that the show was too short, but that’s because Moving Atlas does not fuck around. Lead singer Dunagin ripped through song after song with no stage chatter or bullshit of any kind. Drummer Ross and bassist Geoff laid down a fat rhythm foundation, while guitarists Ricky and Ben filled out the tunes with tight melodies.
The tempo of the Moving Atlas set thundered through like a hard rock storm until they took it down a notch with their unique cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.” Many times, a slow song in the middle of a hard driving set will stop a good show in its tracks, but not Moving Atlas. Their elegant version of this sultry tune displayed an unmistakable intensity in a classy, subtle way that only a truly talented and cohesive unit could pull off.
The set came to an explosive end with their EP title track, “Elephant Gun,” which was appropriate because I was blown away. I was definitely left wanting more and am definitely looking forward to the next time I get to see Moving Atlas again!
Stay tuned to this column for more in depth information from the personal interview I did with the guys. Until then, check out Moving Atlas on

>Loud And Local ~ Bands to Befriend on<
>>>Last but absolutely not least is Moving Atlas, who is dead center between Holy Hell Rod and Pumpjack, both musically and geographically. Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Moving Atlas was formed close to 5 years ago and as far as I’m concerned should already be a household name. They are extremely unique, yet have a highly rock radio-friendly sound that could easily trump any current band out there today. They don’t mimic anybody but have a familiar sound that makes you hungry for more. Each member is individually talented and stands out without taking anything away from the others. But as a unit, Moving Atlas melds perfectly to form the epitome of the word “band.” The syncopated riffs and driving rhythms ebb and flow beautifully, and always deliver a payoff kick right where it belongs…firmly in the ass! If you do nothing else today, check out Moving Atlas at -

"Top Five See Live (DFW QUICK)"

MOVING ATLAS: "Easily one of the most innovative, progressive and original rock bands in D-FW."
- Ayo: the music director and midday jock on KDGE-FM (102.1), and hosts The Local Show Sundays at 9 p.

"Moving Atlas - The Elephant Gun EP, Recorded at Indian Trail Studios"

This five-song EP showcases an ultra-modern musical style that fits neatly between emo and metal. Moving Atlas use tight vocal harmonies tinged with primal screams atop heavy guitars and thick, powerful drums to create a very listenable, memorable record.
Tracks like “How We’re Infected,” the highlight, “Elephant Gun” and a haunting (and most unexpected) cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” display this band’s versatility and musical prowess well. The lead track, “Parachute” has even been selected for the soundtrack of an upcoming game on the Nintendo Wii platform. Looks like Moving Atlas are moving on up very quickly indeed. Peep them at

(Kevin White) - Keven White ( HarderBeat Magazine )

"The Elephant Gun E.P."

Myspace is a jungle if you don't know what to look for so tips from friends regarding new bands is a big step on the way to find a new favorite band.
Dallas based Moving Atlas are no newcomers, they released their debut album "Et Al" in 2006 so this new 5 track EP is their 2nd release.
However, they sound like they have been around for much longer than a few years, these new songs has the same strength and punch as from a new hungry band but also with the same experience as a band that's been around for more than a decade.
Expect groovy riffs, soulful melodies and in your face rock on "The elephant gun" EP.
Their cover of Sade's "No ordinary love" gives the laid back song new life while the explosive "Year of the rat" is the song P.O.D wished they'd written on their latest album.
Moving Atlas got a sound somewhere between P.O.D and Ra, you have to look hard to find a better EP in 2008.
This EP is available from June 7. - Kaj Roth of

"Top Five to see Live (DFW QUICK)"

*May 15th, 2008*
MOVING ATLAS: Spirited, aggressive, hard modern rock. Currently working on the new Elephant Gun EP.

- Ayo: the music director and midday jock on KDGE-FM (102.1), and hosts The Local Show Sundays at 9 p.

"Top Five to see Live (DFW QUICK)"

*Thurs. Jan 10th, 2008*
MOVING ATLAS: "Cerebral, crafty, radiant – thinking man's hard rock." - Ayo: the music director and midday jock on KDGE-FM (102.1), and hosts The Local Show Sundays at 9 p.

"Moving Atlas - et al, Ivory Tongue Records"

Writing and dedicating a disc to American troops is risky, given the potential for a perception of exploitation. This disc stands up to any and all scrutiny, however. Et al is a powerful blend of metal, prog and emo that accomplishes something unusual - it has songs that are strong, important and catchy at the same time.
A dark, Tool-like vibe runs throughout the disc (the result of some incredible percussion), but songs like “Bread and Meat,” “Lay Down and Die” and “Smooth as Ivory Tongue” affirm that all darkness will pass. The recording (Crystal Clear Sound) is primo, getting the band some notice from Dallas’ KDGE, along with 15,000 MySpace friends. Moving Atlas has delivered some of the best, well-written rock music of the year.
**** (Mark Beneventi)

- Mark Beneventi : Harder Beat Magazine


>> upcoming release - "Red Shelter EP" (October 2009)
>>"The Elephant Gun E.P."(2008)
>>"Et Al" (2006)
>> "Rise of the Unsigned" Compilation (2008)
Featuring: "Parachute"
>>The "Best of Firewater" Vol. 1 (2007)
featuring: " Lay Down and Die"

radio play:
Rock 108 _ Abilene, Tx
94.5 the buzz _ Houston,Tx
102.1 kdge _ Dallas, Tx
99.9 kbat _ Odessa/Midland,Tx
101 X _ Austin, Tx



If there was one word that could sum up the character of Moving Atlas, it would be “Determined”. Not only is this band a staple in the Texas music scene, they have also made a name for themselves internationally, and overcome many obstacles on their road to finding an identity. With several line-up changes & the untimely death of friend and former drummer, Matt Baker, Moving Atlas was blessed to fill his shoes with longtime musician and drummer, Ross Rubio. More or less, it was the end of a chapter and the beginning of another for this Dallas quintet, ultimately leading to the critically acclaimed “Elephant Gun E.P.” and an 8th Annual Independent Music Awards nomination for best Metal / Hard Rock song, “Parachute”. Look for Moving Atlas to add to their collection of progressive hard-rock songs with the "Red Shelter EP" due out in October 2009.
>>> Moving Atlas grabbed a 2008 Independent Music Award nomination with their song, "Parachute" for "Best Hard Rock/ Metal Song"

>>> Moving Atlas has been nominated for "Best Independent band" on Poland's Active Rock Show in 2005,2006, & 2008, but has been up against some stiff competition and has yet to bring home the award. Other winners & nominees include: Karnival, Dead Letter Circus, Art of Dying, Egypt Central, Loaded Moses, & Dawn Over Zero.

>>> Moving Atlas has recently made the top 10 in the "Garage to Ozz" battle of the bands competition presented by Monster Energy Drinks, AEG Live, and KEGL 97.1 to open OZZFEST 2008.

>>> Moving Atlas' song "Parachute" was recently chosen to be featured on an upcoming Nintendo Wii game due out before the holidays in late 2008.

>>> "Travel On" by Moving Atlas is currently # 5 on the hard rock charts on
"Timer" currently stands @ # 13 o the hard rock charts, both are in round 4 sporting 5 stars.
"Parachute" resides @ # 42 in the hard rock charts on and is in round 2 with 5 stars.

>>> Moving Atlas recently opened a 102.1 KDGE event @ the Glass Cactus in Grapevine,TX, sharing the stage with EVERLAST.

>>> Since the release of Moving Atlas' first effort, "Et Al" (2006), they have had several songs sour up the Polish Rock charts(
"Cheating Mark" held the #1 spot for one week in early 2007.

>>> Moving Atlas has been lucky enough to share the stage with Fair To Midland, Everlast, Nonpoint, Sister Hazel, Edgewater, The Feds, Faktion, The Vanished, Miser, Neverset, Royal Bliss, Dawn Over Zero, Nothing More, Meriwether, Glass Intrepid, Social Burn, Advent, Spoonfed Tribe, Since October, Loaded Moses, Siren City, Melovine, Saturate, and Early Pearl to name a few.

>>> Moving Atlas has made the cut twice in 2008 on Mike Cameo's Indies Top 10. Mike Cameo features music from around the world, from the best Indie music charts. (Febuary / May)