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Moving Picture Show

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Moving Picture Show is one of the most exciting new modern rock artists to emerge out of Los Angeles. Named in part for the vivid imagery their music projects, the group consists of four very distinct and dynamic personalities: The sharp, mercurial intensity that is lead singer/guitarist Matt Kap; the kinetic Amy Oliver on keyboards whose approach to her synths is a refined, yet raw, real-time aesthetic. Rounding out the lineup is bassist Jeremy Nesse, a sophisticated New Yorker with a rock solid vibe to match; and Mark Nelson, a hard hitting drummer with classic pop sensibilities who, along with Nesse, is the rhythmic foundation and backbone of the group. Moving Picture Shows debut disc, Frame By Frame, has just been released to critical acclaim, gaining radio play on modern rock stations as well as considerable notice in the press. Featuring lyrics loaded with the human condition, Frame By Frame is a cohesive 10-song collection both seriously fun and affecting. The disc has a momentum of its own and plenty of color as well. The sound is modern, incisive, cosmopolitan, and in possession of a vintage meets modern sex appeal. Given the additional momentum generated by their provocative live performances, Moving Picture Show is an up-and-coming artist to watch. No review can measure up to personal experience. Click on the graphic link for access to their page where you can listen to a few of their songs and hear what this band is really about. -- Greg Debonne

- Greg Debonne

"Music Connection Magazine: Vintage Music and Musicianship Create Magic"

With the 80's sound of the Cars and the driving energy of the Killers: Moving Picture Show write memorable melodies and infuse their tunes with dynamic rhythms and creative effects. The arrangements, which are skillfully crafted to move in waves, not only keep an audience entertained, they also keep everyone guessing at what's to come.

Matt Kap's vocals, reminiscent of David Bowie, and Jeremy Nesse create a great sound, while Amy Oliver adds a touch of sweetness to the vocal mix. With her work on keys and Nesse's bass skills, MPS achieve a distinctive electro-pop vibe that could float into the air. Luckily, there's drummer Scott Aguero, whose steady beats keep the band grounded....[his] solid skills provides a foundation that allows the band the freedom to be inventive, silly, and fun.

Catching an MPS show was like being a kid watching a three-ring circus. The audience's eyes initially focused on Kap, but Nesse and Oliver had the ability to draw in eyes as well, due to their special sights and sounds. Yet, even with everything going on, the visual aspect never overwhelmed or distracted from the music. In fact, MPS left the audience wide-eyed, smiling, and longing for peanuts.

Claps, a cappella whispers, and whistling are the things you might witness at an MPS show. For the band that relies on those aspects to entertain a crowd, one might yawn and dismiss them as untalented. However, when combined with good music and talented musicianship, it can create magic, just as MPS does. Indeed, if there is an equation to formulating a catchy tunes, this act understands the science. - Paula Munoz


Local boys (and girl) Moving Picture Show are a terrific pop-rock outfit founded on the muscular vocals of singer/guitarist Matt and the new-wave touches of their über-cute, über-charming über-keyboardist, Amy O. Bassist Jeremy's bomb, too, demonstrating his Berklee-trained chops in every funky, fluid bottom end manipulation. And while we're at it, how about that drummer? Moving Picture show are classy, sincere, danceable and possess just enough of ze rock to satisfy the masses. - Etan Rosenbloom


* Moving Picture Show has been played repeatedly on KROQ's "Locals Only" with Kat Corbett in Los Angeles and their official KROQ interview can be heard on
* Recently featured in MTV’s latest installment of The Real World: Brooklyn and Road Rules Challenge.
* Their new single “Perfect World” can be heard in the latest digital release of the video game Rock Band.



"There are times, after one too many cups of coffee or a heated exchange, when your body gets hot, your blood starts buzzing and you feel like if you don’t move, like RIGHT NOW, you may explode into million pieces. This is exactly the sort of adrenaline rush that courses through the music of L.A.’s Moving Picture Show. But instead of urging you to jump out of your skin or throw a punch, these guys want you to dance it out. Resistance is futile...Put them on, turn up the volume and let them rock that body."

"Their live set starts with banging on some metal garbage cans, the band is dressed in all white with paint splattered on them, and during the entire show movies are projected over them onto the screen behind. It’s one of the coolest and original sets I’ve seen…This album is just as good." -THE ALBUM DOCTOR

“Catching an MPS show was like being a kid watching a three-ring circus...claps, a cappella whispers, and whistling...when combined with good music and talented musicianship, it can create magic, just as MPS does. Indeed, if there is an equation to formulating catchy tunes, this act understands the science.”

“Moving Picture Show is classy, sincere, danceable and possess just enough of ze rock to satisfy the masses.”

"My new favorite L.A. band Moving Picture Show's latest release Studies Have Shown… continues to throb and tear at my car stereo speakers as my cruising soundtrack and could/should/would absolutely be a Grammy nominee contender if I had anything to say about it…not merely 'a band to watch', a band to stalk, steal, and swallow whole."

"MPS’s second album “Studies Have Shown …” leans on programming and synths for its sheen (it’s not pejorative for me to say I hear bits of Tears for Fears or Flock of Seagulls), but they are used with restraint in their hooky, 3 1/2-minute dance-friendly blasts." - BUZZBANDS.LA