Movin' Melvin Brown

Movin' Melvin Brown


The classic song and danceman (tap), where Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Michael Jackson leave off Movin' Melvin picks up, filling the stage with total entertainment and energy!


Movin’ Melvin Brown: THE SONG AND DANCE MAN!
A world class and Award-winning Entertainer who (Singing, Dancing, Tap, comedy, mime, robotics, fun)has worked with Oprah Winfrey, and with the likes of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, BB King, Lionel Ritchie, in Las Vegas with The Four Tops at the MGM Grand, etc.
He has been compared to Ray Charles, Sammy Davis, and James Brown. While bringing to the stage a modern day feel of Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra, a mixture of Jazz and Blues, steeped with some Country, Swing, and Gospel.
Filling the stage with Song, Dance, Tap, Comedy, and more, Melvin has been the highlight of many Jazz, Blues, Country, Swing, and Cultural festivals around the world (Expo), Voted Best Jazz (UK) and Country Blues (US & Australia) spans five decades of singing, dancing, writing and producing shows and CDs, as well as two Musicals, ME RAY CHARLES AND SAMMY DAVIS JR and (A Musical Journey through black music history in song, dance and tap): A MAN, A MAGIC, A MUSIC.


Tell Me Baby

Written By: Melvin

You came along and you took my heart, if you can't give me love then why did you start, now I don't mind being deceived, just tell me you love me tell me please,
And if its not real what you feel, just say it for me so I can live, it may not be real but just a show, just tell me you love me and don't let me go, my love for you is deep in my soul, and I got it bad and just can't let go, now it could be just a matter of time, before I completely loose my mind, tell me baby tell me please, that its my love that you need, come to me and hold me close, let me feel love and please don't let go, give me baby give me please, give me the love that my heart needs, I'll give my heart to you if you please, but please don't take it don't take it and leave, give me your love and talk to me, tell me the words that my heart needs, its not easy with me I know, just tell me you love me and don't let me go, now it could be just a matter of time, before I completely loose my mind, tell me baby tell me please, that its my love that you need.

I Have A dream (Obama Dream Theme Song)

Written By: Melvin Brown

I Have A Dream

I stand before you today fully awake but I dream the dream of Jesus, of Mohammed, of Gandhi, of Martin Luther King, and every spiritual and religious leader that have come before us,

I have a Dream

That one day we will erase the lines that have long separated us as human beings, into states, and countries, with borders between us, where people have suffered from exploitation from what they have or do not have, and we all can roam the earth in a peaceful co-existence, where no one comes from anyplace else but here,

I have a Dream

That when it comes to life matters the eyes of the world will go blind to the color, will go blind to gender, will go blind to size, and nationality, and began to see themselves as brothers and sisters seeking love and togetherness through the hearts of one another,

I have a Dream

That the religions of separation have made us tired, tired of struggling against one another, tired of those beliefs that an all powerful creator, could want or need us to harm or destroy anything that is created, and to love and serve that creator and the created purpose regardless of what language and name that you have chosen to give,

Yes I have a Dream

That the schools of the world will teach love and togetherness as their first lesson, and last lesson, and that any brother of mine whether he be black, white, yellow, red, or brown, suffers not unless I suffer with him, feel the pain of misunderstanding unless I feel it with him, nor carry any burden so heavy that it cannot be shared by me and others like me.

Yes I have a Dream

I have a dream that we will cease to choose by iniquity and give the law of the universe back unto itself, and that any law made to govern the people be doubled and even tripled upon those who make them, and that we the children of the world will serve with a love and peace that burns in our hearts, like a living volcano, that burns till no end,

I have a Dream

That as the sun comes up on a new day our hearts will come up on a new way of love, happiness, and togetherness that is owned by peace

Yes I have a Dream

That the people will establish themselves in a communication that speaks beyond the words of hatred, fighting, war, and killing, a communication where those who speak will listen and those who listen will speak, a language that is common to all people without boundaries or limitations,

I have a dream

That our children and their children will hear the call of love, they will hear the call of peace, they will hear the call of togetherness, and they will answer that call when war and insecurity knocks at the door, by saying that we are no longer available for that, yes they will answer we are no longer available because our fathers and our mothers have given us the answer, that war is not the solution or a solution to life, they will answer the call of peace, with a raging brotherhood, that encompasses every soul that walks the face of the earth that God has given us to share, they will answer again, and again, and again, until the call of war and any of its innate attributes are silenced with love and peace

Yes I have a dream


Love on My Mind (CD listen at,Just A Little Country (CD, Another Tyme (CD), Me Ray Charles and Sammy Davis Jr (CD), All Of Me (CD), Just For Fun(CD), Lets talk about Love Love Stormy Weather (Single), Send Me Some Love (Single), etc., Streaming -Three Ladies,Tell Me Baby, Give Me Time, Skibop Aduee

Set List

Imagine, Hallelujah (I Love Her So), I Got a Woman, Three ladies, All of Me, Wonderful World, Stand By Me, The Next level. Sets can be 45min-60mins. I do a mixture of cover and originals, a Vegas upscaled show.