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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"From GarageBand..."

Just a few more from GARAGEBAND…
(All of our songs on GarageBand made it up to respectful standings, and one of them… “CORPORATE NATION” was the METAL “Track-of-the-Day” on May 12th, 2004)
5 stars without a doubt!
Wow, I like this song alot! You guys get a 5 from me! The riffs are really chunky and heavy and the drums follow the guitars to the point. The solo has a nice death metal feel to it, and I like the bass only break down part. Very, very, very cool. I will be checkin up on you guys. Look forward to email from me about joining my promotional team. Keep on shreddin the fuckin metal out mother-fuckers!!!

Reviewed by: dedmetal from Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Now this is METAL
This song is sweet! i loved the break down parts. classic hardcore. The production was awesome. The mood was @$%^%$^ KILL!! just the way i like my metal. Great job guys!

Reviewed by: EOA1 from Springfield, Ohio

This band has set a standard on The vocals are great. They are rapid, catchy and the rhythm is well thought out. Great patterns!!! The production is clear, and you can hear the junts fine without overloading on the bass. AWESOME STUFF!

Reviewed by: sintheorem from Lansing, Michigan

This song reminds me a little of Slipknot. I like the guitar riff and the vocals are very well done. I like the parts where he's goin really fast. This is a really intense song. The rhythm is really good and powerful. The way the guitars go along with the drums sound really good when the vocals go overtop and a real aggressive mood is created. The axe solo is excellent.

Reviewed by: Enemy_Within from Woodinville, Washington

This is nuts!
good shit! i think the vocals are insane...i wanna know how you guys do that...production sounds pretty good but it isn't as good as it could guys rock! mood is intense i go to a school for recording arts and i wish i could mix you guys instead of the crappy bands i mix in school...keep up the good work

Reviewed by: defgod from Miami University, Ohio

That's an evil intro, I like that it sounds like the guitar strings are about to fall off. This is crazily put together it seems, I like that. Mood? I say insane, bad acid trip. The part right before the break is cool, the climbing/descending stuff is tight on the strings there. Heavy hardcore breakdown, all around, this song is cool as hell.

Reviewed by: WeAreMATE from South Haven, Indiana


Reviewed by: SIKmusic from Henderson, North Carolina

"One more for the masses..."

Space Junkies Magazine, Canada

MOXLEY... Hard Core...
Hailing from the city of brotherly love comes MOXLEY. A metal hardcore based band with enough anger to piss off an entire state. The 4th track on this disc entitled 'Fuck You All' is exactly what MOXLEY is trying to tell everyone. They combine really good hardcore metal grooves with intense vocals that kind of reminds me of Soulfly, NJ Bloodline, meets Gorman Prophecy. There is a really good mix of influences to the band though.
Track #5's entitled 'SLUT' starts off with a clean part that comes in with the same pace riff but a lot heavier. Adds a good sound for the ending track of the CD. The production isn't that bad. With a couple more years of being together I can see them actually doing something with what they have going on if they keep it together.
The musicianship is pretty damn good too. The drums are in perfect time which is always a plus and the guitar riffs with the bass makes it a solid fit. But lack of guitar solos kind of get me down a little. There is one, but it doesn't really hit to home the way it should. But... if you are looking for up and coming band that will keep you moving, please check out MOXLEY and judge for yourself... They deserve it.


Review By Dr. Deth... aka Dave Orkin (Space Junkies Magazine, Canada) WWW.SPACEJUNKIES.NET
- Space Junkies Magazine


Recently... "Process of Elimination" & "Scarred Reality".
Several singles along the way.
Some tracks available for free on our web-site WWW.MOXLEYFU.COM on the AUDIO page for stream or download...
Also on
Many internet metal stations are and have been playing our stuff.
A regular on "LOUD & LOCAL" on WYSP in Philly.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Six years ago… MOXLEY was brought to life by a gathering of musicians with a vision to redefine what most people thought of as the standard for Hard Core. Since the beginning, with the addition and departure of several members that have all come and gone throughout the years, all lending their part to fine-tune what was to become the present day MOXLEY sound.

Continuing on with their most radical combination of players to date… with original madman Guitarist and Founder MARK … the fury of Bassist BASH… and the savage wrath of Drummer ED… recently bringing in the rage and intensity of new Vocalist SWIFT, they continue to hone their Hard Core madness that has put them in the forefront of the others that attempt to undertake it… or fade away trying. This present and most absolutely brutal lineup certainly is the tightest and most capable mixture of talent that anyone would have ever thought possible.

MOXLEY continues to strive to bring its audiences to a new level of unbridled intensity and insanity at all of their shows. Priding themselves as one of the heaviest bands out of Philly, they continue to push the edge to its limit... and usually just beyond it.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to see them in a live performance, YOU NEED TO... as you will definitely leave with a new appreciation of Hard Core, whether you like this style of music or not.
MOXLEY is Alive & Kicking...